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  1. Pearl


    I think my phone is trying to tell me some thing, this morning instead of showing me the weather at my location it gave me this.
  2. Pearl


    Wonder how Compo would feel about this.
  3. Pearl

    Seymore Xmas Episodes.

    The last few days I've spent watching all the Seymore Xmas episodes and they're fast becoming my favourite xmas episodes, Getting Sam Home will always be number 1. In my opinion the only let down is Dream Acres, which I also watched. I've been trying to work out why it's unpopular and the only...
  4. Pearl

    Good Find.

    I found this book today in a charity shop for 50p. It's brilliant, the premise is that Norman is writing to his Polish panel.
  5. Pearl

    Surprised to Find

    We sent the Easter weekend in Sunderland so we took my Aunt to a few places including The Old Washington Hall and was surprised to find a half tea set for sale there.
  6. Pearl


    On Tuesday my dad passed away, it was sudden and unexpected, even with his many conditions he had a simple water infection that became terminal within hours, I was so shocked I swore at the doctor. It's because of dad I'm here, his love of Last of the Summer Wine infected me and that's why I'm...
  7. Pearl


    My Amazon order!
  8. Pearl


    Can anyone name any quiz show or games that feature Summer Wine questions?
  9. Pearl

    Kathy Staff.

    Has it really been 10 years?
  10. Pearl

    Xmas Presents for the Loved ones.

    Having spent the afternoon scouring Amazon for my own xmas presents because I married someone without a clue, he usually gets one of the girls to do his thinking for him, I can only assume both told him no this year so I've entered a few items into the Amazon basket and told him to pick a...
  11. Pearl

    Ron Backhouse.

    We're hearing reports that Barman Ron Backhouse has past away.
  12. Pearl

    Starting a Fight. Mansize tissues.

    Mansize tissues. Kleenex are changing the name of mansize tissues for gender equality issues. Mansize to me suggests that men have bigger hands and noses which is more of a biological tissue issue rather than an equality issue, so unless we're going to start breeding small men I don't see an...
  13. Pearl

    Doctor Who

    Let's talk Doctor Who. I've never been a fan but seeing has a lot of men were losing their " foybals " over a woman taking over the role I decided to show my support for a fellow sister and record it to push the viewing figures up by 1. I have to say I really liked it, Jody Whittaker was...
  14. Pearl

    The Names Bond... James Bond.

    If The rumars are true and Idris Elba is going to be the next James Bond I just might start watching them again. Daniel Craig was a bit pants, his heart isn't in it and he's not enjoying it, which really shows up on screen. And while I'm on the subject it would be nice to have the stories go...
  15. Pearl

    Mud 7 My daughter and son in law are in this and I'll be doing it tomorrow.
  16. Pearl

    Box Set

    Just bought the complete collection from CEX for £60. I was waiting for the price to go down, I was willing to spend £80 but getting it for £60 I'm well chuffed. :01::01:
  17. Pearl


    A huge congratulations to the Prime minister of New Zealand on her great chose in Compo hat.
  18. Pearl

    Das Boot.

    The 1990 episode Das Welly Boot title has always been a bit of an odd one that people have wondered about. Today I found there's a German film from 1981 called Das Boot, it's about a u boat. What are people's thoughts? Does it like maybe Roy had his insperation from that?
  19. Pearl

    New Law

    I'm not one that usually gets exited about new laws and stuff.... Well anything really..... buuuut I'm really loving the new one that says companies that have been spamming me for years now have to get my renewed permission to carry on spamming me. Have to be honest I'm getting some hot flushes...
  20. Pearl


    I was meaning to watch this for ages but kept forgetting so I started watching series 4 and after the first episode decided I liked it so much I wanted to see series 123, I bought the box set from Amazon and watched them during series 4, which was a bit confusing but still, that's me all over...