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    Episode request

    Miss Davenport is in the cafe trying to get the ladies to visit the library. She asks Pearl if Howard has any hobbies, what are his interests. The ladies look very extremely awkward at this and start trying to change the subject. It's extremely funny Any idea which the episode is please
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    Series 22

    It was a nice thought bringing Tom into it but I don't think it ever worked that well. I'm not sure if he's not a very good actor or if was over acting all the time but wasn't impressed with him. I certainly wasn't impressed with Mrs Avery and daughter. I think that is the only part of the...
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    I'm watching an episode CW Northrop and when they (the 5 women)drive to the guys house it looks like they're in the car and you see them moving even though it only goes a few yards. Did they only use doubles for long distances? I saw the 3 guys jogging away from 'Aunties' shop. Would they...