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  1. captain clutterbuck

    A Few Words Audio Quiz #19

    Clive Myrie " Our First contestant Please , welcome to Mastermind , Your name Please" Pearl " Pearl Pickle, sister of Frank from the Vicar of Dibley" Clive Myrie " and your specialist subject" Pearl " Summer Wine administrator meetings specialising in the provision of sticky buns" Clive Myrie...
  2. captain clutterbuck

    what character would you be

    Tempted to be Commander Willoughby and try to stop myself fleecing Foggy over my Barmpot handle's non existent treasure . Probably Eli , paid well , short time filming , funniest lines .
  3. captain clutterbuck

    53°34'02.6"N 1°44'09.3"W

    The wonderful Bob Ross in Onslow's pic 1 . Show is often still on BBC4 here a really relaxing 30 minute show . Bob could have been a wonderful person to read a book at bedtime on Radio 4 you'd drop off without issue.
  4. captain clutterbuck

    The Rainbow Jacket.

    Looks like he's borrowed Cleggy's clothes for the film!
  5. captain clutterbuck

    53°34'02.6"N 1°44'09.3"W

    Here's Barry welcoming some guests to the site suspect everything has gone up no longer " A pand" . Barry could you possibly be selling accoutrements for the " shower" for example Shampoo and will it be "A pand ten" :fp:
  6. captain clutterbuck

    Roy Clarke is 93 Today!

    Wouldn't it be fascinating how Arkwright and Auntie dealt with the Pandemic and having to perhaps close , deal with Social distancing etc .
  7. captain clutterbuck

    Roy Clarke is 93 Today!

    A bastion of British Comedy and long may it remain . A munificent happy Birthday Mr Clarke.
  8. captain clutterbuck

    Spotted This

    Auntie has Smiler and him out on an early delivery part of her new delivery service AUNTIEZON :08:
  9. captain clutterbuck

    No more Window$ 10 from M$

    I think that sketch is up there with Four Candles really clever. :)
  10. captain clutterbuck

    No more Window$ 10 from M$

    Microsoft also stopped production of this games console.
  11. captain clutterbuck

    Dog ends

    The epitome of why you should not smoke in the car !
  12. captain clutterbuck

    Fran Wilson Photography

    The Haworth ones are equally spectacular they give the streets that Victorian/Edwardian feel very atmospheric.
  13. captain clutterbuck

    Fran Wilson Photography

    Cheers Tony thank you for posting much appreciated.
  14. captain clutterbuck

    Wesley's Vehicle Collection

    Sadly Wesley went ahead and bought it from his friend who owned it . He paid cash and sneakily took one of Edie's prized ornaments shown below which his friend had admired for years to sweeten the deal . It was bought for her by a dear friend whilst in Spain and is a depiction if King Dominic...
  15. captain clutterbuck

    Fran Wilson Photography

    What a quality photograph its just perfect , it would make a great picture for a wall if enlarged and framed , thanks for posting Terry and please congratulate him on my behalf I am not on Facebook but does he have another medium to view through?
  16. captain clutterbuck

    The music thread

    Great artist played Newcastle a few times managed by Chas Chandler well known Geordie and bass player with the Animals . Played our sadly now demolished Club Agogo and after a gig Chas took him down to a seaside town Tynemouth and he is supposed to have had fish and chips from a local restaurant...
  17. captain clutterbuck

    Lip readers?

    Wesley's overalls had that much Castrol [ other brands are available] on them then oilskins is an appropriate name for them :)
  18. captain clutterbuck

    Outdoor facilities and use there of...

    If you would please indulge me , I worked for a guy who was extremely brisk and stern , his poor wife was at his beck and call and had to put up with him for years . After their holidays his wife would come in and tell us about the holiday only to have the conversation cut dead at his insistence...
  19. captain clutterbuck

    Outdoor facilities and use there of...

    Especially when one of them leaves a holly wreath on the seat and the other sits on it [not sure which way around it was but suspect the Old man sat on it ] . The other memorable one is divided we stand when the house gets split in two including the front door . The old man distracts Harold and...
  20. captain clutterbuck

    Outdoor facilities and use there of...

    The house I have now had a discreet toilet and bathroom but like everyone and his dog we had it converted to an integrated single room and like a lot of homes installed a downstairs discreet toilet in a downstairs cloakroom. Without that discreet facility I imagine the Father Ted situation of...