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    what character would you be

    PC Cooper, had a cushy job, had a few scrapes with the Police car, but, it didn't get him into trouble, had a good pension for lounging about in the Police car, having barbeque's and generally doing nothing.
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    RIP Tom Owen

    Really sad news about Tom, RIP. We have lost so many wonderful talented actors from this brilliant show, their likes will never be seen again in this 'Reality Show' garbage world we now live in, thankfully, they are still with us on TV and DVD.
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    What the blood and stomach pills !!!!!

    Good Quotes: Eli to Nellie: ''You knock-kneed knackered old nose-bag!'' Nellie: "Pledges Piccalilly Pickles, Piquant but pure".
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    What the blood and stomach pills !!!!!

    My wife and i, still watch Nearest and Dearest, we have the full box set, it still tickles my funny-bones, Walter Tattersall (Edward Malin) never spoke a word, but the expressions on his face spoke volumes.
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    Peter Bowles RIP

    He played Fred Bowlby in Bless Me Father (The Doomsday Chair).
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    A Murder is Announced.

    I'm sorry you didn't see Sarah, my wife and i saw this play in Blackpool 2019, i posted on here at the time, Sarah was in the play and did well as Miss Marple.
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    Last of the Summer Wine: 30 Years of Laughs - Channel 5

    Just watched it, wonderful seeing behind the scenes and a history of the show.
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    Jack Smethurst RIP

    I agree, when they try to re-create British sit-coms abroad it has never worked IMO.
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    Jack Smethurst RIP Jack Smethurst dies peacefully aged 89. Deviations with Davenport was one of my favourite LOTSW episodes.
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    Merry Christmas 2021

    Cheers! to you all.
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    Robert Fife's Funeral Today

    RIP Robert, a great comedy actor.
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    Question on most recent Last of the Summer Wine books LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE: AN APPRECIATION: Has anybody read this book?
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    Hold the Sunset Review of John Cleese's new comedy ''Suggests a certain gentle pace, and maybe Hold The Sunset will resonate with those still pining the loss of Last Of The Summer Wine''. Hold The Sunset, does not resonate with me, how they can try to compare this, so called a...
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    Auntie Wainwright or Arkwright

    I think it would have been a marriage made in Heaven, can you imagine Clegg going into their shop, he was a nervous wreck with Auntie Wainwright.
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    Cast Remembered

    How come some cast members who had left or died, were never mentioned again, it's as though they had just vanished into fresh air.
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    All the very best to everyone for Christmas and have a Safe and Healthy NEW YEAR!
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    RIP the Swan Man of Ilkley

    First time we saw Cannon & Ball was in 1980, on Blackpool North Pier with a very young Lenny Henry and a cheeky little chap (Nookie Bear). RIP Bobby (Rock on Tommy).
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    Your favourite quotes from Last Of The Summer Wine. I'll begin

    Kevin ''My legs have turned to jelly'', Electrical Entwistle ''What Flavour''?
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    Your favourite quotes from Last Of The Summer Wine. I'll begin

    The canal disaster: Nora, ''what's he been up to'' (Compo), Clegg ''his neck''.
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    Your favourite quotes from Last Of The Summer Wine. I'll begin

    I'm not sure of the exact lines. Clegg to Wesley ''Compo is heading for Romance, Foggy is running away from Romance''