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  1. Pearl

    Who Else

    My granddaughter lives the Lake District, they're snowed in.
  2. Pearl

    Who Else

    little bit.
  3. Pearl

    What episode did Clegg & Compo do a Laurel & Hardy impression?

    Oh Shut up and Eat Your Choc ice
  4. Pearl

    Bridget Forsyth

    She was brilliant in What ever happened to the Likely Lads. That's 3 gone this week.
  5. Pearl

    RIP Shane McGowan

    Just read that, he was a troubled soul, he wrote one of the very few xmas songs I can tolerate. Very sad news.
  6. Pearl

    Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...

    If you're brakes worked when I was a kid you were considered posh or it was Boxing Day so the bike was new.
  7. Pearl

    Name episodes that Compo was Singing in

    The Man that Nearly Knew Pavarotti.
  8. Pearl

    Has LOSW helped during bad times

    Well there is that.
  9. Pearl

    A Little Misleading

    Barry I'm just back from our town centre and I can honestly say its has dead as a door nail! Only 4 weeks to xmas and it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop. We only go in there maybe once every 6 weeks or so because theres only 3 shops that we can't get in an out of town centre but usually this...
  10. Pearl

    Has LOSW helped during bad times

    Maybe not a good episode to play, I'd go for Getting Sam Home or The Great Boarding House Caper. Much quieter altogether.
  11. Pearl

    Has LOSW helped during bad times

    But they were on sale.
  12. Pearl

    A Little Misleading

    My husband moans at me every time I pay the water bill, he says what we get we filter and I'll only drink bottled water but it's ok we get that from Costco too, £4.39 for 40 bottles. And before anyone starts I recycle the bottles we don't find another use for.
  13. Pearl

    Has LOSW helped during bad times

    A lot less fattening for sure!
  14. Pearl

    Has LOSW helped during bad times

    Yes, many many times! I know it helped my dad after mam died, he couldn't go to sleep unless he watched 2 episodes before bed. Its definitely a way to try and let go of stress, depression and anxiety.
  15. Pearl

    A Little Misleading

    Eee I know! " Them down there near the South have some very inflated ideas about kettles! "
  16. Pearl

    A Little Misleading

    Blimey! Just read it again 9 quid each! Its only 4 quid at Tesco.
  17. Pearl

    A Little Misleading

    I have a Brita kettle that uses filters, I buy mine from Costco works out about £22 for a box of 8 so that lasts 8 months. Honestly can't drink tea from any other kettle now, I'm spoilt!!!
  18. Pearl

    What episodes do you skip over? Or, what parts of the episode do you skip?

    I work with him and to be honest his diva behaviour horrendous. You should see the list of things we have to have at hand in his dressing room, you'd shocked to the core!
  19. Pearl

    Do we need ChatGPT on the forums? - POLL

    @maltrab @onyx(John) helps to explain some of the answers we get on the group membership questions.