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  1. Eli’sComing

    Now that is a model railway

    In the mood I’m in today All I can think about is Doing a Gomez Addams job On that whole layout
  2. Eli’sComing

    Hold the remote

    What a cool question I’d like to show up in “off we go into the wild blue yonder” with a jet-pack for Compo
  3. Eli’sComing

    Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...

    There’s also this general rule about life in summerwineland: Brit bikes-no brakes
  4. Eli’sComing

    Just a Small Funeral

    I’ll try to find them on daily motion
  5. Eli’sComing

    Just a Small Funeral

    I can’t bring myself to watch that trilogy Hats off to you for being well adjusted and able to handle the episodes about the funniest character (and the actor himself) passing away Frankly I can’t watch any episodes after season 20 because I don’t want to think about it Fortunately I feel the...
  6. Eli’sComing

    Has LOSW helped during bad times

    Well I am not going to say that LOTSW has saved my life or anything like that It’s not as though I was about to jump off a very high aqueduct when I saw an episode of the show and decided to keep my feet on firm ground I do suffer from steady chronic depression and the show has provided a...
  7. Eli’sComing

    "Here he comes.......MAN WITH STEEL FINGERS"

    Great tree that walks Ordeal by trousers
  8. Eli’sComing

    The music thread

    Yes you’re right I like that song caravan as well I’ve been meaning to watch that old movie midnight cowboy Never seen it before I’m hooked on jazz harmonica now Cheers
  9. Eli’sComing

    My Dad

    Well said cap’n I wish to offer my deepest condolences as well Keep your head up
  10. Eli’sComing

    The music thread

    In a friendly nod to the musicians of LOTSW I realized that one of the best things about the show is the music I’m realizing now how much I enjoy the sound of the harmonica And so I recently began searching my library’s music collection for prime examples of the best jazz harmonica players...
  11. Eli’sComing

    The Last Ever Beatles Song.

    Best Beatles album was rubber soul Best song might’ve been you know my name But there’s so many As for that new Beatles song, I don’t think much of it but I am an awful picky barmpot
  12. Eli’sComing

    Corgi. Dinky or Matchbox also Tonka

    These are better because they’re all made from recycled hardwood
  13. Eli’sComing

    Shinyglow Mug!

    You could spray some kind of powerful acid on the back to improve the realism
  14. Eli’sComing

    What episodes do you skip over? Or, what parts of the episode do you skip?

    No need to hide in any bomb shelters for voicing your opinions in this thread. I agree with all your points and will defend to the death your right to share them here in my thread
  15. Eli’sComing

    What episodes do you skip over? Or, what parts of the episode do you skip?

    Being of a rather sensitive nature I tend to skip over certain episodes which I just don’t like. I don’t want to be reminded of anything very cruel to animals, and fortunately there’s very little of that in the LOTSW shows. But I skip the episode where smiler’s dog dies anyway. I also don’t want...
  16. Eli’sComing

    favourite era or series

    It’s like comparing delicious chocolate eclairs and delicious raspberry tarts
  17. Eli’sComing

    First of the Summer Wine.

    How can Seymour utterthwait be on the show?! They clearly didn’t know each other when they met on the uncle of the bride episode
  18. Eli’sComing

    First of the Summer Wine.

    Could someone please tell us which characters are portrayed in this first wine series?