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  1. Long Prawn

    favourite era or series

    Me also. The Seymour episodes were my introduction to LOTSW as a child. That coincided with my parents getting a video recorder and me rewatching over and over the recorded episodes. The balance of dialogue and physical is equal at this stage. The new characters don't yet have their...
  2. Long Prawn

    Looking for a book

    Libraries are a bit rougher these days. Some have had employ security guards.
  3. Long Prawn

    Now that is a model railway

    That would be Hornby: A Model World. Two series on Yesterday. I had no interest on the subject, was flicking through the channels and started watching. It's a brilliant documentary series.
  4. Long Prawn

    Too Many Antiques shows on TV

    There are lots of conveniently placed items on edges on tables which end up being purchased. As with yourself, it's an enjoyable watch.
  5. Long Prawn

    Wet & Windy

    It's been rain (2 named storms) windy and grey skies here in Cumbria for the past 10 days.☔
  6. Long Prawn

    Too Many Antiques shows on TV

    Flog It! and ART (not the celebs) are the only two I watch. They are both excellent programs which educate and entertain. Bargain Hunt is the one I've never got into, seems very cheap TV. There's also The Yorkshire Auction House and The Edinburgh Auction House on Quest/Really.
  7. Long Prawn


    *sulk* Gone back and watched it. Made a mess of the kitchen window!
  8. Long Prawn


    No,.not the film, the episode from series 9 with Seymour. Episode outline: Seymour designs a garbage disposal system for Edie's kitchen. He gives the paper plans to a local company to create from. Lovely written scene(s) in the workshop. This is before Wesley is fully established as the goto...
  9. Long Prawn

    The same, only different.......

    The Suit That Turned Left According to the Prophet Bickerdyke Welcome to Earth These episodes all have a similar theme with an eccentric person having a delusional belief, aided by a homemade invention or calculation. Compo and Cleggy ridicule the belief while Foggy takes on the possibility...
  10. Long Prawn

    Summer Wine Christmas Shows

    Many of the 80s episode were fortunately set at Christmas. If you watched them first time around, rewatching them now is a connection to past Christmases.
  11. Long Prawn

    Has LOSW helped during bad times

    I saw a cat climb a tree last weekend. At the age of 46 was the first time I'd seen such an occurrence. It was being chased by a dog. Not my dog I'll add.
  12. Long Prawn

    Dressing up Compo.

    Riding gear. Both motorcycling and equine. Same episode.
  13. Long Prawn

    Bleep Bleep frustrating self service tills.

    M&S ones are rubbish for bakery items. Unable to detect the weight of light items and throw up the red light :mad:
  14. Long Prawn


    Thank you very much. Great to be here :)
  15. Long Prawn

    Ist or 2nd Foggy Era

    Thank you for the warm welcome. :)
  16. Long Prawn


    Crums is superb. My favourite episode full stop. I vaguely recall when I was young watching the last few episodes with foggy before he left. The Seymour episodes are the ones I grew up on. This can influence opinion, I have high regard for those episodes and Seymour. Seymour had a softer tone...
  17. Long Prawn

    Ist or 2nd Foggy Era

    The 2nd era had more characters than the 1st era. To give each performer air time, the episode have a set repeated punchline formula. . There's little to no time to progress characters, making the 2nd era plot based, while the first era was character based. It's the second era for me.