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    For Lovers of Steam Engines

    Un-Rebuilt Battle of Britain Class 34070 Manston :41: :41::41: :41::41::41:
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    For Lovers of Steam Engines

    The Devon Belle Observation Car
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    For Lovers of Steam Engines

    Another from Swanage Magnificent scenery!!!! Preserved King Arthur Class, Southern Railways 777, British Railways Southern region 30777, Sir Lamiel and i suspect U Class 31806 towing four Southern Region green carriages and preserved Devon Belle Pullman Observation car. For the uninitiated...
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    Bags are Packed

    "Leaving on a Jet Plane" John Denver
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    For Lovers of Steam Engines

    A very atmospheric shot from the Swanage Railway which I thought to share.
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    For Lovers of Steam Engines

    30777 Sir Lamiel Been a while since we had a picture. King Arthur Class, Sir Lamiel
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    The following website sets it all out. The 12 episode 1987 series #9 came out on DVD as Series 9 & 10. Subsequent TV series 10 & 11 was produced as DVD Series 11 & 12 et seq.
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    jokes bad or otherwise.

    This wee joke in today's Herald (Glasgow) Diary really had me chuckling: A COLLEAGUE approaches, but too late - he caught our eye. "My doctor," he tells us, "said I need to do something that gets me out of the pub. So, I've started smoking." :02::02::02::02::02:
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    Windows 10

    Had to throw in the towel and revert to Windows 7 on my laptop. Just could not get it to work with my Norton Internet Protection. Every time it was restarted, the Norton was missing and I got in a right mess reloading. And, of course, now there are wee glitches on Windows 7.
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    Political persuasions ?????????

    Just seemed the best place to put this! A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to...
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    Favourite Piece of Furniture

    And continuing in that vein, I suppose my favourite piece of furniture would be my Stag Minstrel Drinks Cabinet which we purchased in 1990.
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    Favourite Piece of Furniture

    Am I missing something here - a failure of the old brain cell which can frequently occur (or should that read occur frequently - never split infinitives). I assumed the 'stag' in 'stag chest', which if I am right, for once, should read 'Stag', is the name of the manufacturer. As I write (or...
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    Happy Birthday Beth

    yes, indeed - ENJOY!! :dance::dance::dance::respect::respect::respect:
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    Another just for Pearl

    Shades of the inscription, 'RAISED BY PUBIC SUBSCRIPTION' or words to that effect in 'A Home of Your Own' if anyone else can remember that far back.
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    Most annoying modern day gadgets. Tv show. anything really

    Forgot to say that whilst compiling my last rant I was reminded of the time I complained to a credit card company/bank that the authorised signature strip was far too narrow only to be told by them that they did not manufacture the credit cards.
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    Most annoying modern day gadgets. Tv show. anything really

    A long time bête noire for me, excessively nit-picking on-line payment routines, and I wouldn't mind but it just happened to me again in conjunction with this website. Went to make an on-line payment and filled in all the details including all the card numbers etc. Some requirements auto-filled...
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    It's that time of Year when I need your help Folks

    Missed this until today. Will proceed to rectify omission.
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    Did I miss something

    I do wish I could think of other instances, but it strikes me that this is a Foggy characteristic, the sudden contribution of a total no sequitur. It is somewhat typical of some I know. They suddenly realise that contrary to where they think they belong, at the centre of attention, they are...
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    RIP George Cole

    I'll go with that.