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  1. mashibinbin

    Who's Name

    Mrs Jack Attercliffe?
  2. mashibinbin

    Rare Kathy Staff interview

  3. mashibinbin

    Did we see this Marina Clip on TV

    I recall it and really showcased Jean's acting ability in a brilliant light as well as being a lovely person game for a laugh.
  4. mashibinbin

    What's the link...

    Sheridan and Sherlock have the same prefix....elementary really...of course I could be lying.
  5. mashibinbin

    How Many of you Remember these

    Anyone that has a yellow pages - they're getting to be so old their pages are yellow!
  6. mashibinbin

    Another Trip to Holmfirth!

    Careful the fish get battered in that plaice, I'm guessing you've haddock with these puns by now.
  7. mashibinbin

    Arthur Bell

    It's a floral bouquet not a bucket!
  8. mashibinbin

    Arthur Bell

    The Last of the Summer Vine?
  9. mashibinbin

    New Roy Clarke Interview
  10. mashibinbin

    Question Photo

    You were certainly gambling with the contents of your wallet in that place if you took a chance to enter!
  11. mashibinbin

    Question Photo

    The odds on that occurring are highly likely.
  12. mashibinbin


    It has to be because their surnames both begin with B!
  13. mashibinbin

    Barry's Script

    We'll have first readthrough late November so we don't have all the holiday induced absences of last year again and block out in January with hope to perform around April.
  14. mashibinbin

    Barry's Script

    It will hopefully be confirmed as our play of choice on the 12th, then the process of securing scripts, rights etc can begin. :)
  15. mashibinbin

    New Build

    not to mention Stone worm!
  16. mashibinbin

    What other forums are you on?

    I dip occasionally onto Gallifreybase for Dr Who news , mooch around Roobarbs forum - classic film and TV - and an active part of the community.
  17. mashibinbin


    All have the same writer! ;) In all the women are strong and most definitely in charge whilst it's down to the men to be mostly childlike.
  18. mashibinbin

    Barry's Script

    It's a curious mix for sure, whilst the characters are identifiable easily enough with those we've come to love the style, albeit intentionally, is broader than we have come to expect. In the hands of our favourites I have no doubt it would be electric and a show well worth seeing but a more...
  19. mashibinbin

    What a Lovely Photo

    When Howard told Marina they were going to go further than they had ever done before this wasn't what was on her mind. OR Mr Sibshaw was beginning to regret suggesting a night on the tiles.
  20. mashibinbin

    Makes you wonder

    The Carry on gang along should be available on prescription - thankfully there are a number of Summer Wine crossovers too!