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    Yorkshire spiders.

    Knowledge really is power, that was a very good thing to do for your daughter. When I was a child, I was downright phobic of spiders because of my mother's example and because when I get a spider bite it turns into a lump the size of a golf ball. I deliberately chose to work to overcome it by...
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    Does any member recall

    I also would have thought it was from the visit to the stately home. Editing, especially of older shows, happens all the time. I once met Grace Lee Whitney at a Star Trek convention. In her talk she gave she referenced a particular episode and when I went up to meet her, I told her that, having...
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    Yorkshire spiders.

    In actuality I believe you do have poisonous spiders, notably the false widow among others. I also read that there had been an influx of brown recluse spiders, which we have here. We also have black widows, and enormous grass spiders which try to get into the house. I have always been terrified...
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    3 chicks named

    Best of luck WesleyRocks, they look like sweet birds, and love the names of course. We hadn't added to our flock since before Covid so we added 8 chicks, 8 ducklings, 8 bantam chicks, and 4 geese this year.
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    Summerwineland for just one day

    Actually, I have ridden a motorbike before. Considering Scotland seems slightly underrepresented in the show, as a nod to my heritage and the shows penchant for out of the ordinary entrances I'd probably arrive astride a highland cow. Honestly, I don't think I'd get along very well with some of...
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    Summerwineland for just one day

    Well, girls are mostly relegated to coffee mornings, chatting at Ivy's, shopping, and keeping the men in line, but if there were an opportunity for one gently ageing tom-boy farm girl to get caught up in one of the lad's mad-cap schemes it'd be a perfect day for me.
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    Are you a Yankee? You might be and not even know it.

    The dictionary says that Yank is a derogatory term used by the English, Canadians, and Australians. That may be so at times, but I think it's just become a generic term for American. As rude and brash as our reputation is, some Americans are very quick to assume insult themselves. (I blame...
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    Are you a Yankee? You might be and not even know it.

    That is actually a quiche, looks good though. Growing up in St. Louis Mo I am a Midwesterner, but I lived in South Carolina for a year and was constantly called a Yankee (not in a friendly way) and told not to talk so fast.
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    what character would you be

    I am probably missing the point of the original question, but for me I'd rather invent a new character and insert them into the summer wine world. I have to say though, the older I get the more I wish for a quiet, peaceful, uncomplicated, uninterrupted life so I suppose I'm a bit like Clegg in...
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    Clash by Night available on YouTube

    Thanks all for posting the link for me! And thanks Rick for the tips on how to post a link next time!
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    Clash by Night available on YouTube

    Also known as Escape by Night, British B movie circa 1964 with our own Peter Sallis! I'm sorry I don't know how to post a link here, but the movie is now on YouTube in its entirety posted by British B Movies and More. Search for it by Peter Sallis or specify Clash by Night 1964, or you will end...
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    Peter's LotSW audio books commentary, only 3 series?

    I love these recordings also, and I have wondered about the choices of episodes too. They aren't necessarily easy ones in that there is a significant number of visual things that have to be described. I would have to double check, but wasn't Peter first diagnosed with macular degeneration at...
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    Outdoor facilities and use there of...

    I remember one episode in which Compo says he had put his ferrets in the outside loo. Growing up I had relatives we visited each year in Arkansas and Oklahoma and in the early 70's they still had the classic outhouse. Like something out of Dogpatch. Basically, you dig a pit, build a little...
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    Episodes that make you Wonder

    Well, I Well, I favor plot convenience, but there is the stereotype that wealthy people are too entitled to think anything untoward could happen to them. Is it a reference for something that was happening in the area at the time? In America in the 60's and 70's there was a running joke about...
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    New Styles Added

    A really nice feature, thank you - I wonder what the favorite style is, I'm going with coffee
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    COMPO'S Jacket.

    In Greenfingers, when trying to get the giant carrot down, there is a visible hole in the armpit of Clegg's jacket I believe.
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    Please Take Note - Sunday 25th December

    The new website design is fabulous! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!
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    Something to do

    Comparing the pictures... is it the tip of Clegg's left shoe under the chair?
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    Howard and the Missing Pearl

    True. I'm not sure that was the indication when the characters were introduced, but at a certain point it was made clear nothing was actually going on. It leads to another possible question for posterity. Despite the show's depiction as a sleepy backwater (especially by detractors) we all know...
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    Howard and the Missing Pearl

    Well, I think they had to use the ladder to get in the window at Howard and Pearl's, even though Pearl was out, because the bedroom door was locked so that was the only access. In fact, it was preferable that she was out. With Smiler, they wanted to get him in the window because there was no way...