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    See ya Compo

    Nobody else going to have a go?
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    New balls please

    I'd break the internet if I listed all the sports (mainly cause they arent genuine SPORTS anymore) I dont like... I've never understood how people can watch golf I went to school with Jack Gibson's kids (Aussie Rugby League coach ).... Andrew Ettingshausen (Aussie RL captain)was in the form...
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    New balls please

    There is no god...
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    New balls please

    is it over yet? Safe to come out?
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    Contemplating custom plate

    Some of the prices here in VIctoria make you choke.. Example of more expensive ones 3 Character: $3,995 4 Character: $2,695
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    Contemplating custom plate

    Save ya money.
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    But people who are just uploading movies/TV series pretty much have no outlays. This is what is killing peoples interest in Youtube. And people uploading movies that have no outlays and make good income from just posting a movie they stripped from a DVD. Look at some of the channels doing...
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    Life lessons from the Professor.....

    How can you NOT love Onslow!
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    I know he is old.. but boy he really looks OLD there!
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    Noticed Something.

    Im shocked that people really look this deep and notice these things LOL
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    Youtube is insane for ads now... to the point I rarely watch the whole video and give up... Some times theres an ad 20 seconds into a movie... yet some channels have no ads, maybe the owners pay $?
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    How the times Change

    Isn't it amazing how solid these old buildings are, and how great condition they are in for their age... ... then you look at some modern buildings that are just about to fall down before people move in!
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    Euro 2024

    its like so many - they are no longer sports. they are business.. franchises!... and with that comes corruption and more $... Also when certain nations get involved, it all turns to excrement. Sadly i have doubts in many sports now... diveball... I mean soccer, cricket, union, league, car...
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    R.I.P. Donald Sutherland

    Just try picking ONE good movie he was in.... What a stunning actor he was for so many decades.... How ... DIFFERENT was he as Oddball in Kellys Heroes!!! RIP and thanks
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    I am posting via Linux

    I tried Linux a few times over the years, but Im out of therapy now.
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    If you can't stretch to the boxset.....

    Archive is brilliant for finding lots of good old stuff... Movies, series, even albums and mp3's to download
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    Dr Who continuity

    I've always loved Dr Who, until the PC crowd attacked... they just cant leave things alone can then... :( Nearly all from Jon Pertwee to Dave Tannent... just great. few lemons in there that just didnt fit... And some of the offsiders were ... very pretty :)
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    Fred Dibnah

    **Edit** Just watching this.... very sad that vandals stole stuff and launched it in a creek...
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    The Names Bond... James Bond.

    Hasnt the bond thing been done to death?