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  1. gothic

    Something unusual about the area you live in

    Cornwall: Home of the Universe famous 'Cornish Pastie'..... 'nuff said!
  2. gothic

    Colour Blind

    Yep, they are the ones
  3. gothic

    Colour Blind

    You can still buy B&W TV's for caravans, camping and anywhere that can only supply low voltage power (battery).
  4. gothic

    Trim Castle

    Nice, very atmospheric
  5. gothic

    A new, alternative Mac web browser

    I am keeping a very close eye on the development of the new, independent (yes, really) web browser for Mac and Linux users...
  6. gothic

    Contemplating custom plate

    For me I'd go for the first one :)
  7. gothic

    Spending Frenzy

    Buy my dream retirement cottage in Buttermere.
  8. gothic

    New Fan to Summer Wine

    Glad to see you're back in our fold :)
  9. gothic

    R.I.P. Donald Sutherland

    Another of the great actors leaves us. Very sad loss.
  10. gothic

    Porkpie Have a butchers
  11. gothic

    Do you Tweet?

    "Tesla is for life, NOT just for november the 5th"
  12. gothic

    New Roy Clarke Interview

    Not sure where the legalities lay but if you were to use a VPN (Virual Private Network) and select a UK IP you may (just possibly) access iPlayer I do this in reverse, there are a couple of websites with technical videos which I like to stay abreast of and I have to use the VPN, choosing an IP...
  13. gothic

    New Build

    To give them their correct names they are thingumabob and whatchamacallit
  14. gothic

    New Build

    I'm gonna stay with my new case, far easier to keep clean
  15. gothic


    I sincerely hope you pointed the lovely ladies (husband) towards this site :D
  16. gothic

    If you use the Tube

    And for Firefox users the extension I use is found HERE "Easy youtube video downloader express'
  17. gothic

    I am posting via Linux

    Ah, my hero ^^>:
  18. gothic

    If you can't stretch to the boxset.....

    It was a java library called JQuery. I used to write/compose code for vBulletin modules using it, it's easy and amazing.
  19. gothic

    I am posting via Linux

    Ah, it didn't have the hole in the middle :fp: