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  1. Marianna

    Something unusual about the area you live in

    Many years ago, I went on a walking tour of Mount Desert Island. We spent about an hour in Bar Harbor, just so we could say we'd been there. Spent the rest of the week walking the carriage drives - easy walking, since they were built for horses pulling carriages fully loaded with the nouveau...
  2. Marianna

    Colour Blind

    In the LOTSW context, apparently the TV shop always repossessed Compo's set on Tuesdays. I have no idea what it means in the context of other programs.
  3. Marianna


    Oh, ugly!
  4. Marianna

    Pilot Episode

    Got it! Thanks. That gateway seemed much too grand for the somewhat derelict chapel.
  5. Marianna

    Pilot Episode

    I'll have to look at that scene in the pilot again, for the umpteenth time.
  6. Marianna

    Pilot Episode

    Is it very near the present cemetery? I'm not having any success matching the lie of the land seen in that photo with any plots along Cemetery Road.
  7. Marianna

    Strong Women

    A couple of men in the front row holding what look like flat caps.
  8. Marianna

    Fancy drinking out of Hyacinths exclusive fine bone china?

    No thanks. I prefer my large Shinyglow Products mug for my morning coffee, and my equally large Banned Books mug from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild for my tea. The only disappointment is that the coffee mug doesn't deliver any "Shinyglow get up and go." My get up and go seems to have got up...
  9. Marianna

    Old White Horse Picture

    The knocker-upper was a paid occupation. Here's a story from the BBC, with photos and film. Please ignore the political stories in the sidebar.
  10. Marianna

    Been calling them all day

    Is the ground rent still at the peppercorn level?
  11. Marianna

    A new, alternative Mac web browser

    With about 60 frequently-used tabs open, divided among 6 windows, my primary problem with the PC is that it's slooooow! And the frequent restarts are annoying. On the other hand, my brain is still fried from sepsis, and probably will be for at least another year, if it recovers at all, so if I...
  12. Marianna

    Been calling them all day

    In today's terms, 25p would be merely a peppercorn rent. I wonder how much the ground rent will be when the current lease runs out in 2921! Most of Welwyn Garden City still appears very pleasant in Google Earth Street View, but that region is terribly flat, so I'd find it uncomfortable. I'm used...
  13. Marianna

    A new, alternative Mac web browser

    Speaking of Linux, is switching to it from Windows 10 as easy as this article implies:
  14. Marianna

    Favorite Episode....

    Imagine her trying to put a positive spin on the outcome!
  15. Marianna

    We Must

    My "garden" would have long ago become a forest, and the neighbors would have been complaining. The Nature Conservancy calculator shows 3 tons of CO2 for that round trip. While I had full use of my legs, I made that trip annually, starting in 1993. Between 31 and 46 trees are needed to offset 1...
  16. Marianna

    We Must

    By 9 AM, my flight would already have landed at MAN, if it was a the ELM to DTW to JFK to MAN. Otherwise, it would have been ELM to DTW to AMS to MAN, arriving a bit later. Then rail to Manchester Piccadilly and shanks mare to the Premier Inn Manchester City, around the corner on Dale Street...
  17. Marianna

    Favorite Episode....

    The only thing that saved the show for me was that she always got her comeuppance at the end of each episode.
  18. Marianna

    We Must

    From the Facebook Physicist Page: "A Swiss aerospace company has unveiled the SiriusJet, a revolutionary luxury VTOL aircraft powered by hydrogen. Refueling for maximum range costs a mere $500. The aircraft features 28 ducted fans, including 20 along the wings and 8 in the canard, each powered...
  19. Marianna

    New Mobile Trio

    That looks like the side facing Hollowgate. The scene in the episode is the side facing Huddersfield Road.
  20. Marianna

    Contemplating custom plate

    States that include religious slogans don't give us a choice about it. Nor does the Federal government about the religious slogan on US currency.