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    Possible found location for Bicycle Made For Three

    I know I made a prior thread about this, but tonight I think I possibly stumbled onto something. I tried looking for where the trio made their bicycles and then decided to give it a group effort. We see an exterior and for the longest time have been trying to find it. I believe I have found it...
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    A Bicycle Made for Three

    I haven't done any location findings lately, but have we ever found the location, I think either outside of Dirk's garage or outside where the trio were working on their bicycles? I know we've tried and I think some thought it might've been up the hill from The White Horse.. All I remember is a...
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    RIP Peter Sallis

    I did this drawing/video a few years back. Felt it was appropriate to link in here again after today's news... RIP Cleggy..
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    Getting Sam Home - practicing driving the van scene...

    Bear with me, I'm going to have a couple pictures here and I hope my descriptions are legible. Thanks to Craig Slater on Facebook, and a picture of Holmfirth from 100 years ago I believe I have found that one scene that has evaded us filming location searchers for a long time. The scene...
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    Summer Wine fans in the US.. Those who get South Carolina PBS..

    Recently, they've been showing Series 30. I checked the schedule to see what they would be showing after that. Looked like they were doing some Beg-a-thons. I didn't look at tonight's episode, but out of curiosity I looked at the schedule for the channel. Turns out they showed Of Funerals and...
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    Crowcroft Challenge..

    I have looked at this episode and aside from the locations that have been listed. The pub at the end in Clayton West, the golf course in Marsden, I have not figured out where the scenes with Cooper and Walsh and the drunk have been and I have looked all over the area for any familiarities. Even...
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    In Which Gavin Hinchcliffe Loses the Gulf Stream..

    Watching this episode on South Carolina PBS. Hearing Billy talk about Gavin, it reminded me when I first saw this episode I thought I had heard about this character or the antics involving him before. I know it was an episode with Compo. I'm just trying to remember if Foggy was in it, but I do...
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    1 Year Anniversary of "How Not to Cry at Weddings".

    1 Year Anniversary of "How Not to Cry at Weddings". Thanks to one of those side application/option thingies on Facebook called "On this day", it reminded me of a post I made last year. Today is the 1 year anniversary of the airing of the last episode of Last of the Summer Wine. It's still a...
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    Which episode?

    Feel free to use this thread for other questions like the following. I was thinking about old episodes, and I remembered one where Clegg and Nora were standing on her table because something got loose. I think Compo went to search for it. It's like the scene in "The Glory Hole" where Foggy and...
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    Google Maps and GoogleEarth Street View across from Nora Batty's steps..

    I just recently saw that GoogleEarth/Google Maps street view now goes along New Fold which is across from Nora Batty's steps. You get a good view now.. Well actually.. you get *A* view of it instead of no view before.
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    Episodes with cut scenes being put on youtube in UK?

    I was just informed from a fellow Summer Wine fan, that lives in the UK that episodes with cut scenes are being put on the uk version of youtube. They're being put up with names of the crew in the clip titles. He mentioned something about how BBC only allotted 30 minutes for the episode and...
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    Still funny...

    One generalized comment about LotSW is that the show was less funnier as the years went on and to the end of the show. I think this statement couldn't be more wrong. Recently I bought a flatscreen HDTV and somehow I am able to get the South Carolina Public TV channel (PBS). No idea how I'm able...
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    Happy Easter..

    Hope everyone has had a happy Good Friday and also have a Happy Easter. Here's the seasonal drawing that I did for the website, which is also posted on another thread. Have a good one.
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    There'll be a Welcome in the Hillside...

    In the early episodes, when it seemed like the trio weren't getting hospitality or being welcomed in the Cafe, they'd break out into this song. I'd always get a chuckle when this happened. I've never heard this song before, till after I actually looked it up and listened to it.. I know it's a...
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    Last of the Summer Wine Vintage 1988-89 DVD US Release

    Last of the Summer Wine Vintage 1988 and 1989 DVD Release (Series 10 and 11) in North America on April 12!! Wait... Why is Truly and Billy Hardcastle there??
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    RIP Pete Postlethwaite..

    Was looking at Wikipedia and saw that this actor had passed away yesterday. He had been in some numerous things. "Jurassic Park: Lost World" and the remake of "Clash of the Titans". He was also in the Last of the Summer Wine episode "A Merry Heatwave". He played the postman. What's odd though...
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    Merry Christmas everyone..

    I have done another Christmas drawing for the website here. It is on the front page. I figure Terry is busy with all the fun of moving, so I thought I would let everyone know about it. Here it is... Merry Christmas!!!
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    RIP Norman Wisdom
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    Last of the Summer Wine Vintage 1987 DVD US release..

    January 18, includes "Uncle of the Bride"
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    Jay Hunt leaving BBC for Channel 4... Commenting on her appointment, Hunt said: "I am proud of what has been achieved on BBC One under my leadership but could not resist the chance to join Channel 4 at such an exciting time." ::) ::)...