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    Spiffing Day

    Good day everybody. I hope that you all have a 'spiffing' day. Now there is a word that I have neither used or heard for a long time, 'spiffing'. I do recall hearing it used in a war film about our very brave fighter pilot heroes. Are there any words that you have not heard for 'yonks'? Wasn't...
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    Floral tribute

    If I had the capability I would like to place a floral tribute at the Palace. As I am so restricted the best I can do is place a floral tribute on here. Please feel free to add your own if you so wish.
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    Knobbly knees

    Does anyone have a cure for knobbly knees? Can they be cured? Before you answer that question would you mind awfully if I back tracked to the title. I am somewhat concerned about the word knobbly. Should it be spelled with or without a 'k'? Is it knobbly knees, or nobbly knees? The alert ones...
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    Brrr it's cold

    By heck it's darned cold this morning in the UK. However, have a nice day:), or should that be 'Have an ice day'?. :(
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    Second jab

    Tomorrow the nurse is coming to give us our second jab. I was wondering if that while she is sat there, needle in hand, if she would sew a button on my shirt for me. No arm in asking. OOPS I seem to have lost a haitch. :oops:
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    Hello, I was just about to have my brekky this morning when I noticed a frog on the table. I told him to hoppit at which point it raised its back right leg and it peed all over my corn flakes. I had to rinse them one by one under the tap and dry them in the pop up toaster. All was going well...
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    Quiet intit

    Does anyone fancy discussing the economic crisis in Manchuria? Or maybe we could compare bald patches in the over 85's. I have a good head of hair but unfortunately this is offset by my large ears which are inclined to suck in any loose strands and when I sneeze a ready made birds nest is...
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    All Fools Day.

    Today is April Fools Day. Do you still try to catch people out? I'm getting too old to think up such pranks. The last one I did involved Monty and Bobby, two Black labs we used to have. I wrote on a large sheet of paper the words, DOG POOH. Then I cut them up and spread them all over the settee...
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    Loss of sleep

    I've been awake since 5am giving in to the call of nature. I have a recurring UTI for which I keep taking anti-bioctis. Does anyone else in the group have this problem and, if so, is there anything you can recommend to curb these early morning urges? The urge to express some zzzzzzzzz's is fast...
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    Many Happy Returns Daveb.

    Happy Birthday Dave. Hope you have a super day.
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    Happy Birthday Rick

    Good day to you Rick and Best Wishes for your birthday. Hope you have a good 'un'.
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    Whom is whom?

    I have recently watched through the First Of The Summer Wine a couple of times and I would like some help with Ivy. NO, not that kind of help Dick. The whole gang are apparently about the same age, 18, in FOTSW. In LOTSW, Ivy is obviously of a younger generation than the others. In FOTSW...
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    Walk in showers

    Yesterday was my shower day. I am as regular as clockwork with my shower timetable. I have a shower every time the clocks go forward and a shower every time they go back. That's only twice a year I hear you say. It is true, I only shower twice a year. That is due to my body being so...
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    Hope this works

    One of the best laughs I've had this year. Football fans will appreciate it.
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    School and language. Major moan.

    Recently there has been a ban on certain words and the language in which we are allowed to converse. I too have a big disliking for the King's {OOPS, Queens' English.} When I was little, I had to carry a mask but not like today's masks, in those days the masks were quite cumbersome and had to be...
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    Jack & Joey quiz 7

    The brain teasers are back.
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    Telegram from the Queen.

    It is well known that the character of Clegg appeared in every episode including the First of the Summer Wine, and was still living in the last episode. Had the series been kept alive and Clegg had survived he would have been 100 years old this year. In the first episode of FOTSW Clegg said he...
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    Been under the weather for a few days so I've sat back and watched lots of SW which has led me to a question. What is the connection between HYGIENIC FISHERIES and Ivy? I suspect that most of you will know the answer but, depending on your viewing, some of you will not know. Right, back to my...
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    This morning I got out of bed, zoomed down the stairs on the chair-lift, opened the front door and took in a pair of lungs-full of fresh air whilst doing some exercises on the front lawn. Old Mrs Harris gave me a wave and a big smile as she passed by during her morning walk with her pet...
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    Have a Nice Day

    Good day to you all. It is very cold in our locality, in fact, it is so cold I've had to knit some woolly jumpers for my goose pimples. I use a special wool for that job. It is obtained from the lesser known South African flying earth worm which only sheds its furry coating when the planet...