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  1. Adanor

    An Interesting Book

    I recently finished reading a book called "Bryant & May: Oranges and Lemons: a Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery by Christopher Fowler. It is set in London and very cleverly incorporates the children's rhyme, "Oranges and Lemons" into the plot.
  2. Adanor

    Cooking by Radio

    WETA UK has been running MovieTone UK features that date from the late '40's to early '50's. There was one that featured a new way of cooking by (as they said) using radio waves. This was a demonstration of new way of cooking food at a lunch counter. They took previously prepared food [on a...
  3. Adanor

    Don't Ask

    Recently, I get to watch LOTSW with this constantly flashing colored line at the top. Nobody at the cable company seems to have noticed. Also happens with other BritWit like Open All Hours, but not other British shows like Midsomer Murders.
  4. Adanor


    In Spores, filmed in 2004, Lionel, a very depressed man, says [I'm paraphrasing] Spores!! They're all over!! They'll get into your lungs! And this is one of the episodes where reality comes crashing into a gentle comedy.
  5. Adanor

    That Brown Teapot

    In Getting on Sidney's Wire, they get served tea in Nora's living room which is served in a brown teapot. Not remarkable except that I have that exact same teapot. It also occasionally pops up in other scenes.
  6. Adanor

    She Will Be Missed

    Rhea Feikin is probably not a name that will be recognized, but here in the US, she has been with Maryland Public Television (MPT) for 4 decades and she has recently announced her retirement. Of course the most notable thing is that they have been running LOTSW like forever, every afternoon. So...
  7. Adanor


    Well, they're both getting up in years and it's catching up with them. The litter box, shall we say, (ah hem) has just become less of a destination. The word "finicky" has entered their vocabulary and food is often left untouched. We have the vet on speed dial. But still they're great cats.
  8. Adanor

    Reader's Digest Queen's English Word Power

    Well, RD has come up with a test of how well Americans know British English. So does anyone use DOG'S BREAKFAST? CACK-HANDED?
  9. Adanor

    A Loss

    Maryland Public Television (MPT) has faithfully run Last of the Summer Wine for low these many years. First it was on the Saturday night line-up of Brit Wit and then eventually migrated to a daily line-up of the same Brit Wit called "Afternoon Tea." So the threesome in their various escapades...
  10. Adanor

    Midsomer Murders

    Well, finally PBS is catching up --sort of. They recently ran the last of the Tom Barnaby episodes and now are onto the first of the Neil Dudgeon episodes with Cousin Barnaby. Gulp. Shall miss John Nettles but as he said, they kept him in the harness LONG after real homicide detectives usually...
  11. Adanor

    Yes, Minister

    The premise of this show couldn't be further from LOTSW -- but wait a minute, there are some similarities. The minister, James Hacker, like Foggy. is the head guy and he is generally a clueless government stiff. Sir Humphrey Appleby is like Cleggy in that he expresses great wisdom. And Bernard...
  12. Adanor

    The Giraffe Crisis

    Watching a report on the TV concerning giraffes. Their total number in Africa has plummeted due to poaching and loss of habitat. Very concerning.
  13. Adanor


    Speaking of cricket, did you hear the one about the lady who kept on hearing a cricket in her house and she even named it. Her daughter visited and had to tell her that her that it wasn't a cricket, the batteries in her smoke detector were low.
  14. Adanor

    Elegy for Fallen Wellies

    Well, here in the States on Maryland Public Television (MPT), they recently aired this episode. It's been 17 years yet it's still hard to watch. It's amazing that the cast and crew were actually able to get through the filming of this episode. And then there was Roy Clarke's wonderful script...
  15. Adanor

    Odd Coincidence

    After getting an estimate for a new roof, I was chatting with our esteemed estimator and he asked what TV shows we liked to watch. And I hemmed and hawed and mentioned that the show I liked to watch was off the air for a number of years, approximately 30 years run, etc.. etc. and then I finally...
  16. Adanor

    Phantom of the Graveyard

    They are inside the Sid's Cafe having some sort of discussion and then they go outside where they encounter Smiler washing the window under Ivy's close supervision. I wasn't really paying attention but wouldn't they have seen Smiler from inside the Cafe? Wouldn't they have seen Smiler from...
  17. Adanor

    Funniest Home Videos

    On US TV, there's a long running TV show with, you guessed it, really funny home videos. And last night there was a real humdinger!! It showed two boys on bicycles going at each other with toy swords. They weren't wearing armor, but does this sound familiar?
  18. Adanor

    Trees in Wild Blue Yonder

    In Wild Blue Yonder, Foggy and Compo have that tree climbing contest and I took a long look at those trees and it's fairly obvious that they were specifically planted all the way up and down that road to form a lovely boulevard effect. Where is this? Was it done to form a lovely entrance effect...
  19. Adanor

    The Circus RIP

    Here in the US, the Barnum and Bailey Circus is making it's very last round. The elephants are already gone, llamas, donkeys, pigs, and dogs a poor substitute. But there were still lions and tigers, no bears, of course. Clowns and trapeze artists. May it rest in peace. Another old venerable...
  20. Adanor

    Midsomer Rhapsody

    On the above named episode of Midsomer Murders, there was Trevor Peacock (Vicar of Dibley) , Frank Middlemass (As Time Goes By), and June Whitfield. Trevor, a talented musician, played the piano and June sang. Wonderful, wonderful.