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  1. Adanor

    Peter Sallis and Patrick McGoohan

    He also appeared with Judy Dench in a London play; his most notable contribution was to ad lib while they fixed bulky sets.
  2. Adanor

    Peter Sallis driving

    If you pay attention and look very carefully, you can see that they used this location in Pigeon and Post.
  3. Adanor

    Peter Sallis driving

    He was not only a skilled driver but was skilled at driving badly when the script called for it. Well, except for that one time he drove the car into the pond.
  4. Adanor

    An Early Fab Five

    Yep, when they were lying in the grass and chatting and ignoring Compo hanging in the tree. And right before that the scene, a man was reading a magazine about a hanging tree and then he looks up and sees the five trudging towards that exact tree. He can't believe his eyes and he has to do...
  5. Adanor

    COVID Vaccine.

    Last I heard, the magic word was "Seniors" but things could have changed since then.
  6. Adanor

    Could this be heaven?

    So lovely! I enjoyed the whole thing! So calming and relaxing.
  7. Adanor

    Sid’s Cafe today.

    What did they film? When? Who? Related to LOTSW or not? On another note, there was an article in today's Washington Post Magazine (9/12/2021) about vacationing in England, entitled "Britain, Nationalism and the Complicated Joy of Vacationing in Your Own Country" by Henry Wismayer. A very...
  8. Adanor

    And the "Withernsea Open" Winner is ....Norman Clegg ??????.

    Actually, weren't golf courses originally set in sort of a waste land next to the sea? And isn't that's why golf courses have sand traps? So Clegg carrying clubs for a fun time at the seashore kind of makes sense.
  9. Adanor

    Downhill Racer??

    Those clouds sort of remind me of the Splash in Wales episode when they were circling around trying to orient the map. Off in the distance, there was a threatening black cloud lurking and I'm sure that they hurried up and did each scene in one take.
  10. Adanor

    And the "Withernsea Open" Winner is ....Norman Clegg ??????.

    Second prize goes to Barry for all the times he embarrassed himself on the golf course raising the Golf Captain's ire. Especially that time a smoky pall settled over the golf course, the threesome plus came out of the woods obviously having caused it, and happily gave Barry a cheery "How do."
  11. Adanor

    Head for heights

    So amazing that they found a model who has a dramatic face, can appear to be calm and happy, and doesn't mind heights.
  12. Adanor

    If you want to see how bad it is

    It was not as bad as forecasted but unfortunately due to the upgraded flood control system, the flood waters were pushed to different areas thus causing destruction in new areas. Many living in mobile homes lost everything.
  13. Adanor

    The nurse & Summer Wine

    So you were the second banana?
  14. Adanor

    Boarding House / Beach House Questions

    That episode was a real rib tickler. Many things to think about. They all went to the shore together. The three stayed in the same room. Very obviously, the proprietor was a widow with a large house and she turned it into sort of a B&B. Since the bathroom was down one flight of stairs, everyone...
  15. Adanor

    Tokyo Melody

    No I'm not that old. But my pastor this morning spoke of his memories of Viet Nam. Oh those body counts.
  16. Adanor

    UK copper pair landline a thing of the past - at last!

    I have found that everyone automatically thinks that your phone is a cell phone (mobile) and it is within arms reach at all times. NOT!! When we watched Captain Kirk whip out his "communicator" and speak to someone, who would have thunk that that "communicator" would become a normal thing and...
  17. Adanor

    An Interesting Book

    This is my first one. I actually found it at my library. Will look for others.
  18. Adanor

    An Interesting Book

    I recently finished reading a book called "Bryant & May: Oranges and Lemons: a Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery by Christopher Fowler. It is set in London and very cleverly incorporates the children's rhyme, "Oranges and Lemons" into the plot.
  19. Adanor

    The hundred cricket

    OK, I saw the head and wondered why anyone would be interested in 100 crickets except perhaps frogs. But then I noticed that this was about the Game of Cricket. And since I know about baseball, I can sort of relate to cricket. There is a ball and a bat and you hit the ball with the bat. So far...
  20. Adanor

    The Most Dangerous #26

    When he went off to teach again at the boy's school (that was when he left) he was warned not to punish the boys the way he was used to punishing them by striking them with a cane, etc. The danger was that he would forget and strike a child. Oh yes, the time he "found oil" and actually he had...