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  1. captain clutterbuck

    For Train fans

    I imagine Crewe is one of the biggest rail conurbations in the UK but look at this one is the US by viewing the Eastern Camera unbelievable.
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    jokes bad or otherwise.

    Three dead bodies arrive at the mortuary and all three have huge smiles on their faces. The coroner calls the police to tell them what has happened. "First body: Frenchman, 60, died of heart failure while making love to his mistress. Hence the enormous smile, Inspector", says the Coroner...
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    The best is yet to come.

    Peri , It will be an attachment like any other hopefully Terry or Tony will answer , the file size for a film might be an issue as there are limits . IF Terry and Tony don't add to this post with details you could send a message using the Conversation icon [envelope] on the top of...
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    Surely it has to be Marina she is after all an infamous Man eater ! :eek2:
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    jokes bad or otherwise.

    A priest and a nun are driving in a car towards a monastery, priest behind the wheel. Approaching the red light, priest places gently his hand on the nuns knee to which the nun looks at him and says, “Father, remember Luke 14:10”. Priest apologies, removes his hand and keeps on driving. At the...
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    Billy had a wife.. and a wife's sister..

    I thought Billy was a decent character the Robin Hood angle was a bit one dimensional but he was a good foil for Truly, Clegg and Alvin plus the little interactions with Barry were excellent as little vignettes to the main plot.
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    Robert Fife's Funeral Today

    Thank you for posting Pearl it is very much appreciated , despite the sadness they thankfully both look well and Sarah doesn't look like someone who is rolling on 70 next year .
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    YOUR perfect ending......

    To quote one of the famous lines from Dads Army "Oh I think you're entering the realms of fantasy there Jones Barry" I would like to suggest an alternative, Eva decides she wants to be back in town , Alvin has literally flown the coup taking to his hanglider and sailing off into the sunset and...
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    YOUR perfect ending......

    The award is a plinth with a painted ceramic egg mounted on it.
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    YOUR perfect ending......

    They could use doubles like they did during the shows riskier moments and all characters could make a real appearance and not remain unseen .
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    Maurice Chevalier Pub

    Sadly like a lot of pubs the Tunnel End Inn is no more it was turned into a Cafe which closed and according to a post on the public Marsden FB page it has been converted into a House .
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    Summer Wine Limericks

    Indeed it should be Imitation I had a memory lapse . When I think about it , the caffeine would induce hyperactivity rather than calm definitely a Homer Doh! moment :fp:
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    PC Cooper and PC Walsh series

    Has to be a dealing with a drunk , perhaps even a drunken style brawl that spills from the pub onto the street [nothing too violent maybe half a dozen old duffers squaring up to each other Gentleman Jim Corbett style showing intent but not throwing punches accompanied by their wives/ladies in a...
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    Summer Wine Limericks

    It's a jungle out there said Foggy in despair but its my destiny to bring calmness with my coffee tipped darts and my 6, yes 6, bananas.
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    I am more than happy to support local football Blue Star are near me and I have seen some cracking games there but it cannot be denied that the financial gap between the top leagues and the rest is an ever growing chasm . I just feel that these top clubs could do more to help grass roots football .
  16. captain clutterbuck

    A Couple of Barry Question

    If he relocated can you imagine the doubts induced by Edie and the Ladies about it being a new office with new women and the opportunity for Barry to be " having an affair" . I can hear Nora in my head saying " Nothing good ever comes of it when a man moves office , all the feminine temptations...
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    Times have changed , back in the 60's when we won our only major European trophy the Toon trained at Hunters Moor about a mile from St James's Park . Most of the players would walk up Barrack Road to the pitch . As young fans we could watch them train and often we asked and were allowed to carry...
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    The staple of grass roots football , whilst the Premier leagues in Europe prosper grass roots football has no money , cannot afford proper goalposts and have reverted to the old adage of using jumpers :mad: I recall seeing a snippet of news about a local kids team in Liverpool who got changed in...
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    Will have to wait to visit

    So So sorry to hear about you health issue Marianna really hope all goes well and you are able to travel as I know how much you enjoy your time in Summerwine country . Take care and keep us posted :)
  20. captain clutterbuck

    Will have to wait to visit

    Sorry to hear that Terry I hope you feel better soon and can get your laughing gear around one of those sticky buns at Sid's Cafe. :)