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  1. Barrychuckle

    Same duo different show?

    Can you name another production (series, one off or film) where 2 Summer Wine actors were in a scene together. They must have interacted with each other so for example Trevor Bannister (Toby) & Josephine Tewson (Miss Davenport) were in the same episode of Keeping Up Appearances but they weren't...
  2. Barrychuckle

    Panic Buying

    I'm not sure what it's like in other parts of the country but pretty much all the stations in Shrewsbury are out of fuel tonight. I desperately need fuel for work meetings next week so ended up paying £1.51 per litre of diesel and even this was capped at £30 maximum fill. The world has gone...
  3. Barrychuckle

    Music & Wine

    Can you name an episode where a character plays a musical instrument?
  4. Barrychuckle

    Discussing modern life

    I was surprised to hear Cleggy reference The Spice Girls in an episode, which seemed peculiar as LOTSW seems to be in it's own time bubble. Most references to the wider world seem to be from the past, the war, Errol Flynn, Maurice Chevalier etc. Is there any other references to modern culture...
  5. Barrychuckle

    If/When should the series have ended?

    I was wondering how long the series would have continued for if the BBC hadn't pulled the plug, do you think the series would still be running today? I'm sure Roy Clarke would've been capable of writing brilliant scripts even today. My view is the series probably would have evolved and the...
  6. Barrychuckle

    Dodgy Effects!

    Whilst some of the stunts in the series were truly amazing, some of the special effects/stunts were very unconvincing, particularly towards the end of the series. I do think this was in part due to slashing of budgets the BBC imposed but just for fun which do you think were the worst? For me...
  7. Barrychuckle

    Why you must watch the entire series from the start.....

    Found this really interesting piece on UKTV website, for those few who haven't watched the entire series from the beginning this contains some good rationale why you should!
  8. Barrychuckle

    Can someone kindly remind me?

    I'm looking for the episode where the trio are swinging in a makeshift basket or tub of some sort at the beginning of the episode. Can someone remind me of the episode, I know it was very near the end of the series and it featured Truly and Alvin if I recall correctly? Thanks in advance
  9. Barrychuckle

    Memorable Props

    I was watching The Love Mobile yesterday, and I think it was amazing what the props department had done to the caravan, probably when the series had a more generous budget. I was wondering what peoples favorite/funniest prop was big or small? there is plenty to choose from, many contraptions...
  10. Barrychuckle

    Tell us something interesting about where you live...

    I was thinking that we have members from all over the UK and the world, I'd be fascinated to know some interesting facts from members about where they live. I'm proud to live in Shropshire, which is the largest inland county in the UK, it also has the lowest density of population in England, it...
  11. Barrychuckle

    Summer Rain

    I know it was very rare, but can anyone name an episode where it was raining?
  12. Barrychuckle

    Englands Road out of Lockdown (LOTSW style!)

    Firstly apologies to our non England members who this post doesn't apply to. If everything goes according to plan it will be 100 days from today that lockdown restrictions will be fully lifted in England. So if you watch 2 episodes of the series a day in order, starting today from the pilot...
  13. Barrychuckle

    An interesting channel

    Found this on DailyMotion, it's someone who's filmed behind the scenes during filming of various episodes. I've seen a few of Terrys still pictures, but it wasn't until I saw these few videos that you realise the amount of rigging they had to put up! Apologies if this has been posted before...
  14. Barrychuckle

    Trulys Rank?

    I've always thought that Truelove was an Inspector in the Police, I'm sure Miss Davenport calls him Inspector Truelove a couple of times, but in Beware of The Oglethorpe he says he was Sgt Truelove of the Yard?
  15. Barrychuckle

    How do you watch yours????

    I'd be interested to learn how people watch the series, I watched the entire series from start to finish and it took me over a year with work commitments etc. I didn't find it ideal as I could watch 3 episodes in a day then the next 3 weeks later. I generally now watch the later episodes in...
  16. Barrychuckle

    Series Budgets

    I was chatting with a friend about the demise of the series and he was wondering whether the budget of outside filming contributed. I have to say I have absolutely no concept of costs of producing a series, I know Eastenders costs c£300,000 for every day of filming but wouldn't know if an...
  17. Barrychuckle

    Chapel & Church

    I've noticed in a few of the episodes the ladies (Nora usually) often states in a derogatory manner, 'she's chapel...'. I've never really understood the significance of this, but my dad reckons this it an old social class thing where the working classes would go to chapel whereas the middle &...
  18. Barrychuckle

    Same old BBC.....

    I've been on the BBC site to look at the Schedule for BBC4 following @Thomas95 mentioning it had a few programmes in recognition of what would have been Peter Sallis' 100th birthday. Not only was I surprised to see it's not on until tomorrow (why when today is his birthday???) but also the...
  19. Barrychuckle

    Allo Allo Allo ?

    Can you name an episode in which a police officer(s) appears, excluding ones with Cooper & Walsh or the Tony Capstick Officer (who's name I can't recall)?
  20. Barrychuckle

    Rare as hens teeth...

    I've been looking for this for years, but the Summer Winos have managed to find the video of the Royal Variety Performance 1984 with our favorite trio in!!!