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    The best is yet to come.

    This is just a brief note to let you know that I am working on something very special. Unfortunately, due to my failing memory and dexterity, the project is very time consuming. I do, however, hope to post this gem in the next few days. I would like to make it my 2,000th posting. A few more...
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    Summer Wine Limericks

    Do we have any limeriskists ....limerickers..... err, people who can write limericks among us? I think it would be fun to limerickize the stories of SW. in limericks. I thought about this idea in the middle of the night when I got up to take a 'comfort break'. I spent the rest of the night...
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    London marathon

    Is anyone joining in the London marathon tomorrow? I wish that I had the energy to run a marathon, I wouldn't run in one, I just want the energy. There are things I would rather do than jog for four hours. I do admire the people who take part in these fund raising events and I will be watching...
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    Dogs are so observant

    My personal hygienist.
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    Carry on Painting

    Did anyone see, on the news Mon/Tues, about the council workers who turned up outside a private house to paint school signs and zig zags in bright yellow on the pavement outside the house. I was half awake when this was shown and I'm not sure where it was. Apparently, the house owner did go out...
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    Compo and Cleggy still together

    This is the opening scene of the episode, 'The Three Astaire's'. It is a cemetery and I suppose that most of you will be aware that Bill Owen is buried at the bottom of that slope on the left hand side. I was informed that he himself chose that particular spot for his final resting place because...
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    Gobble gobble, dribble dribble.

    I've just had a choc ice and you can see that I have reached my second childhood. The chocolate ran down my chin. However, my trusty friend Jack was there to clean it up for me.
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    Erectile Dysfunction

    WARNING....The attached photograph is a picture of my erectile dysfunction. You may be offended by seeing a photograph of my complaint so I must advise you not to look.
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    New Mask

    The Prime Minister has passed a new law that masks will be worn at all times. There is a slight difference however in that they must be worn in the manner as modeled by our man in the photo. The purpose of this is that you will not have the visual capacity to leave your house and spread the...
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    Could this be heaven?

    My boss and I were on one of our virtual walks this morning. We were being walked, by the cameraman, through one of the most stunning places in the UK, Polperro in Cornwall. I couldn't help thinking, is heaven as beautiful as this? It is so peaceful, so tranquil, so quiet and so picturesque. My...
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    A very smart Compo?

    This fella looks so much like a very well dressed Compo. He wasn't famous for his singing and dancing but he was an exceptional hoofer.
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    Do foxes have holidays?

    Being housebound my wife and I watch a lot of those walking videos made by enterprising members of the public who put them on You Tube. We are able to enjoy virtual walks in places we haven't seen thanks to the wonders of the internet. This morning we went on a virtual walk to Worthing in West...
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    Where's the garlic?

    Oh mother in law, what big teeth you have.o_O YESSS, All the better to bite your neck with.:29:
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    She means what she says

    A warning from the boss.
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    Cheeky photo

    B****y flies.
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    Duck dinner?

    I want to see the head waiter, I have a complaint.
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    Who is that fella?

    This is a photo from the year dot. The two well dressed guys are my dad and my brother. I am the little kid in short pants a few steps behind but, who is the guy on my left? Does he look like a young Wally Batty? This photo was taken in 1948. o_O
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    Auntie Wainwright's sale

    Can anyone recognize more than 9 people in this photo?
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    Tony Capstick

    Tony Capstick was one of the original panda car team along with P.C. Cooper, played by Ken Kitson. He played his part extremely well but I never see him mentioned in the wonderful selection of letters that come into these forums. Tony lived in a beautiful part of South Yorkshire, Greasbrough...
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    Welcome Rob.

    Hello Rob and welcome. I see you live in Greenfield in the region of Saddle-worth. I have passed Seymour's house many times on my way to Holmfirth but, regrettably I am useless at giving directions. There is a map section you could look at. It is somewhere on the road between Holmfirth and...