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  1. mikey1965uk

    Favourite Scene In LOTSW

    I have a favorite scene in all of LOTSW. It's in the episode From Wellies To Wetsuit and it's 18 minutes in. Foggy is leant up against a tree talking about long summer evenings and twilight and boots with Cleggy, and I just love the scene. It really reminds me of my childhood days of being with...
  2. mikey1965uk

    Your favourite quotes from Last Of The Summer Wine. I'll begin

    Edie:- "His mother was of a very nervous disposition, but a great believer in flannelette" hahahaha ; ))))
  3. mikey1965uk

    Hello from the Dark Peak.

    My parents loved LOTSW and as a young lad I wasn't impressed in the slightest but a few years ago I started watching it on my NowTV account and it reminded me of my now passed parents and actually made me laugh and still does. Long live LOTSW.