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  1. cciaffone

    Tell Members ....

    I am another Over 70 member here.Passed 75 last year and still going on. The company I used to work for (Eye-Bee-Emm) maintains a really nice gym here in Durham (NC) and that seems to keep me in shape. That and walking our dog a lot.
  2. cciaffone

    Heartbeat Question?

    Anybody know of a site like this one that deals in Heartbeat questions? I am slowly accumulating several Heartbeat books and do not have a good way (save fire!) to unload them. Happy for any info you may have. Thanks or answer here
  3. cciaffone

    Station Road Cam -- ads ?

    Now when I go to the Station Road Cam at I get an ad first. Perhaps y'all have a better link? Would like some help here. chuck
  4. cciaffone

    Any Other SW Web Sites?

    Hey Guyz, you have any more interesting SW web sites? I have a buddy just starting out and I'd like to offer some more web sites besides Ideas?? chuck
  5. cciaffone

    The Railway Cat

    Been reading Felix - The Railway Cat about the Huddersfield railway cat that lives at the Huddersfield station. Lovely book.
  6. cciaffone

    ReWatching FOTSW

    Just re-watched both series of FOTSW and really enjoyed it. Young Cleggy is a great character as is the elder Cleggy. All the characters nicely done, and loved seeing Maggie Ollerenshaw. Great show. chuck
  7. cciaffone

    Call The Midwife Series 6 Episode 7 ??

    Will there be an episode 7 ????
  8. cciaffone

    the singing detective

    Been watching The Singing Detective starring Michael Gambon. Just six incredible episodes. Gotta be the weirdest, strangest tv show ever done. Ever!!
  9. cciaffone

    Write Your Reply ????

    I swear, every time I get on here and look at a thread, the "Write Your Reply" bit has moved from top to bottom and back to top. What's happening here???
  10. cciaffone

    Need New DVD Player

    Looking for a DVD player that will play PAL and NTSC from DVDs and USB drives, and will play AVI, MP4, and MKV files as well. Need it here in the US, so 110 volts a must. LG lists some that might do. Suggestions please??
  11. cciaffone

    Topic Titles, BOLD, and Seen Topics

    Somehow I have "messed" up my "styles" here and the useful stuff has gone. I USED to see most topics/headers/titles in soft, quiet, lowercase un-bold letters, while only new, unseen titles/topics were in large BOLD dark letters so it was easy to differentiate. Now, they all look pretty much the...
  12. cciaffone

    Big Cars and Trucks!

    Having been in Yorkshire recently, and looking at various web sites, seems to me that UK cars and trucks have gotten way bigger than they used to be. Looking more the size of US vehicles. I can see that in the cities, but how do they manage the roads up around Tan Hill and out by North and West...
  13. cciaffone

    Last Post and Pigeon

    Watched last Post and Pigeon last night. Really love that, but I believe that is the last "live" Compo episode. Any further are made with old Compo screen shots dubbed in. Izzat true??
  14. cciaffone

    Johnny B Goode

    Just watched an old Heartbeat (series 10 episode 15 - Not So Special) and they kept playing what I think was a UK version of Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode. Really liked it, but cannot find out who played/sang it. Ideas y'all???
  15. cciaffone

    The Cat

    On the Holmfirth still-cam have any of you seen the "border cat" in the late afternoon?? Just saw it again today, mostly after everyone has gone but before it's dark. A black-and-white tabby often cleaning itself.
  16. cciaffone

    Doctor Thorne ??

    Anybody over there watched a new series on ITV called Doctor Thorne?? Looks like Rebecca Front is in it. Comments???
  17. cciaffone

    The Night Manager

    WOW! Wonderful new program including Hugh Laurie. Gonna be on Sunday nights (after Call the Midwife). Great program. Seemed almost more like a movie than a TV show. Love It!!
  18. cciaffone

    Also Enjoying ...

    Doctor Blake Mysteries, Murdoch Mysteries, Call The Midwife, and Shetland. Finding Jericho is a bit too dark for me (altho wife likes it).
  19. cciaffone

    Editing in Shoutbox ? ?

    So reading along in The Shoutbox I get the idea that one can edit what one shouts, but I cannot figger out how to do this. What I read sez to click a "down arrow" next to my Pic. But I cannot find a pic that has a down arrow next to it. Can someone (or more) put a little more meat on this bone...
  20. cciaffone

    Avatars/Pictures ? ? ?

    Howcum in this new scheme of things, some of us no longer have pictures/avatars/whatever associated with our names?? Captain Clutterbuck and I have none, but most everyone else does. Why is that? How have we offended??