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    Cafe Food

    I am watching todays LOTSW block of episodes and musing over the food served in the cafe by Ivy. She servs a customer with a plate of food consisting of two eggs which went on the plate as though they where plastic a side order of peas. I often thought this was a strange conbination, have...
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    I have often been surprised by the things that I have missed even after watching Summer Wine for years. I have just been watching the "Wheelies" episode. I have to say I have never seen the elderly couple in the garden as Wesley and the team pull out from Wesleys shed and down the little drive...
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    The Plan

    Hi All This idea was inspired by a party political broadcast, the constant reference to "the Plan" gave me the idea. The notion that the government front bench are equated to our favourite characters. Prime Minister - Foggy Deputy Prime Minister - Cleggy Chancellor - Compo Home...
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    Message at bottom of page

    Hi I am wondering how to add text at the bottom my page. On other contributors it has a few word I think they have added. A few lines from a episode or catchpahrase. I would like to do this but can't find how. Help please. Thanks John
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    Uncredited cast

    I was watching some of series one today and the episode that struck home was the Pate and Chips one. They visit the stately home. Cannon hall was used for this. The thought that struck me was the actors that played the children, does anyone know who they where and where are they now.
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    Annoying edits

    Is it just me, I get fed up with noticing bits of the shows that have been chopped off. The pattern of editing items out of the episodes. You would not notice if you have not seen the episode many times before. It stands out like a sore digit. I have noticed it in the past in an episode with...
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    Last Episode

    Well, just watched the last three episodes in the series and I have to say it still leaves me angry at the way it finished. I love this show probably greater than any thing else I watch and I can't get out of my head the frustration with the BBC at the way the show was treated. I will never...
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    Location of houses

    The episode with I think Blamire looking for work. The houses high up with a view across the moors. I have often thought that would be one hell of a view to wake up to.
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    Hi Just to say hello. I have joined today and am a long time fan. Watch whenever I can any episode that is shown. Hoping to get to Holmfirth this year. Have not been for a while. I live in Wakefield so not far to go. ::)