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  1. gothic

    Win 11 quote

    Saw a lovely and very true quote on TheRegister site about Micro$ofts persistant attempts to own YOU!
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    Members with "Outlook" or "Live Mail" email addresses please read.

    I am, once again, in the catch 22 battle with Micro$oft concerning email blockages. Their argument is that the IP address of our web server is within a GROUP of IP's that contain one or two known spamming sites. Consequently our IP has been added, once again, to their blocklist by association. I...
  3. gothic

    Google Search Results for November - Forever upwards!

    Just received the Google search results for this past month, and for the 14th month in a row the numbers have increased. Another gold cup :) The one that impresses me most is the 652 first impressions. If I understand the information provided by Google, that indicates that 652 more people that...
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    Window$ 11 on older hardware

    Just seen THIS article on TheRegister. Most notable quote is
  5. gothic

    Sunday 29th August

    I am having to do some minor maintenance on our web server this coming Sunday morning. The website and forums will be unavailable for about half an hour sometime between 0700 and 0830 GMT
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    UK copper pair landline a thing of the past - at last!

    It has been formally announced and work on the switch over has started.
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    Lip readers?

    In "Hey, big vendor" about 3/4 of the way in, the ladies are at their coffee/tea and Glenda mentions that Barry was thinking of getting some tatoos. Edie says to Glenda something about not allowing them and that no member of her family had tatoos, after which Edie says something, and here is my...
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    NHS Patient "Data Scrape"

    Don't say I didn't warn you!
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    The times they have changed!

    I hope everybody is going to celebrate the 80'th Birthday of the greatest living songwriter on Monday. The Nobel Prize for Literature winning Mr. Robert Zimmerman a.k.a Bob Dylan. May you continue for a (long) while yet Bobby. p.s. His was the very first album I ever bought, and the most recent!
  10. gothic

    Losing the will to live...!!

    Recently, when calling my local Doctors surgery I would get the usual message about if it's an emergency to hang up and dial 999 (911) and then the covid warnings and messages. Ok, not so bad, normally about a minute and a half. Now we get those messages PLUS messages about domestic abuse...
  11. gothic

    1st day back

    Lockdown is easing in England. Last time we saw the car park this full was the evening just before the first lockdown, when everybody was stocking up on loo rolls!! p.s. you might also notice there is a bit of a queue just above the car park to the right. That's the queue for the barber. At...
  12. gothic

    Oh no, not again!

    So I wake up this morning, glance bleary eyed at my bedside clock and see it's 0630'ish. In my befuddled state I added an hour (clock go forward) and say to myself, "Ah, it's 0730.... time to get the carcase out the stye." Shuffle into the kitchen, coffee on, etc.etc. then sit down to check...
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    Number One

    I'm not known for my up-to-date music tastes, being a fan of classical and traditional folk music, but I stumbled upon this clip of the UK number one hit which really appealed to me. Mesmerising From this original article
  14. gothic

    Murray Walker

    Has passed away at age 97. Please Rest In Peace Murray.
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    Young Mother (Curved Air) In a broken dream In the air tonight (88 Remix) Mandolin wind (and there were far, far more) There's only one person I'm expecting to reply to this ;) You know who you are!
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    Information for new members

    Information for new members This is a family forum so please DO NOT Use any language that may be blasphemous, swearing(foul) or racist. Open discussions regarding religion or politics (will only cause ill-feeling and discomfort) No advertising unless it is Summer Wine related. Post or link to...
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    Younger car drivers

    I swear the drivers around here are getting younger, just looking at our car park proves it!
  18. gothic

    I'm not such a freak!

    Recently joined a forum for like-minded headphone/audio enthusiasts. WOW! what an eye opener. I thought I was a bit of a headphone freak, always upgrading in the pursuit of my headphone nirvana. I have just upgraded to a pair of AKG 701 reference grade at.... well more or less a couple of...
  19. gothic

    Courtesy, certainly NOT in Cornwall!

    Popped into our local Boots the chemist to collect my prescription this morning. Got there nice and early, about five minutes before they opened. I was second in the queue with about five or six people behind me. Now, I have trouble walking, have a stick and am particularly slow, especially on...
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    Image sizes

    I have had to apply some restrictions on future image attachments. This is because over the past 14 days the total number of images uploaded have a combined size of over 400Mb. The forums storage is finite. The changes are as follows: Image file size down to 1Mb (from 2Mb) Image size down to...