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    Wesley's magic shed/s

    Wesley's magic sheds What about the plastic patio furniture that Aunty sold to all and sundry
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    I think it was the pilot episode and the title I believe is of funerals and fish, he says it at the end. I am not sure of another episode he mentioned it it but it is possible.
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    Most annoying modern day gadgets. Tv show. anything really

    Most annoying person or gadget Hi All Well where do I start. If it is a person it has to be Jeremy Clarkson in number one spot. Gadgets right now trying to get spotify (A music App) to work in conjunction with my laptop, and failing miserably. Politician, may avoid this one to stay away...
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    Cafe Food

    I am watching todays LOTSW block of episodes and musing over the food served in the cafe by Ivy. She servs a customer with a plate of food consisting of two eggs which went on the plate as though they where plastic a side order of peas. I often thought this was a strange conbination, have...
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    I have often been surprised by the things that I have missed even after watching Summer Wine for years. I have just been watching the "Wheelies" episode. I have to say I have never seen the elderly couple in the garden as Wesley and the team pull out from Wesleys shed and down the little drive...
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    The Plan

    Hi All This idea was inspired by a party political broadcast, the constant reference to "the Plan" gave me the idea. The notion that the government front bench are equated to our favourite characters. Prime Minister - Foggy Deputy Prime Minister - Cleggy Chancellor - Compo Home...
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    Best one liners

    It can put you right off Kids, I'd sooner play with wasps.
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    Door Number Quiz #18

    Door number quiz Is it Seymours
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    Matchbox Quiz 4

    I can't remember the title but I think the reward was a scone.
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    Jane Freeman and the Cafe

    I could not agree more, I was today watching some of the earlier episodes. Flower power cut and Who made a splash in wales then. It was Sid and Ivy in full flow. I always liked the Sid character and John Comer's acting ability was not fully appreciated. I saw him in a police drama some time ago...
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    R.I.P Dora Bryan

    Dora Bryan RIP Dora, a sad loss to us all in Summerwine land and beyond. You will be missed.
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    Message at bottom of page

    Hi I am wondering how to add text at the bottom my page. On other contributors it has a few word I think they have added. A few lines from a episode or catchpahrase. I would like to do this but can't find how. Help please. Thanks John
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    Favourite Biscuits

    There are many, but I have to say right now Bourbon Creams and Rich Tea. I have a vague recollection that there used to be some biscuits called Thick Tea that where almost like a Rusk. I do not see them now.
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    Soundbite Quiz #20

    Is it Look who's wheel has come off.
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    All That Glitters Is Not Elvis - Cringe worthy moments?

    I think the Welsh get sent up a lot too.
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    Soundbite Quiz #17

    Is it Captain Clutterbucks treasure.
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    Soundbite Quiz #13

    Is it Jurassic no parking?
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    sales assistants?

    I know what you mean, however I always embarrass the OH by negotiating hard on price. I would have been pushing the alternative product for the price of what I went in for. It sometimes works.
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    Compo saying the F Word

    Re: Compo using the F word I think Frog Face, however I always remember the line. But she's still alive, I don't believe in dead methodists.
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    Webcam Question

    I have to admit I have no idea how to get to the webcam, help would be appreciated as I would be interested in viewing this.