Duck dinner?

captain clutterbuck

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The circus is in town and one of the acts goes to the local bar for a few drinks but before ordering he asks the Barman is he can bring his special duck in . Well the place is empty so the Barman agrees . As the man is drinking he gets talking to the Barman about the duck its really special as it tap dances . The Barman says ok then free drinks if you show me.

The man asks the Barman for a bucket which he turns upside down on the Bar but as he is getting the duck out the Barman has to take a call but on return sure enough the Duck is on top of the bucket giving it large with the Gene Kelly impression.

The Barman is so impressed he offers the man £1000 for it so he can have it as an attraction on the bar . The man agrees drinks up and heads back to the Circus.

The Bar is packed so the Barman makes the announcement that for a pound per person he will entertain them with a tap dancing duck . Well the money flies across the counter so the Barman upturns the bucket and puts the Duck on top . Nothing it stands there and eventually jumps off into the sink of water . Well the place is in uproar and the Barman has to refund all the money.

Next day he storms off to the Circus and confronts the guy who sold it to him threatening all sorts . " You sold me this Duck and it does nothing I want my Money back . I put the Bucket on the Bar , put the Duck on top and nothing."

The Man pauses for thought and then replies " Did you remember to put the lighted candle underneath the Bucket!!" :tw: