Lavinia (Fisher) the strangler

I love this episode,it is one of my favourites but I must admit the Livinia the strangler reference completely passed me by,very interesting thankyou Stephen.
Last year we did a poll on here where forum members selected their top three favourite episodes,I chose Whoops,Sadly Madly Bradley and The White Mans Grave,but this would have been in my top five.
I was fortunate enough to be able to re live in their footsteps the Whoops and Sadly Madly Bradley episodes,visiting all the locations,and posted them on here,I didn’t do White Mans Grave as it was mainly set in the cafe and outside Nora’s.
Roy Clarke is on top form,and Foggy,Compo and Clegg are at their peak,you have to watch it again to appreciate the writing,and acting ( even like Compo’s facial expression when Foggy says school wasn’t selective enough,they let anyone in)
There is the brilliant monologue by Clegg where he talks about Hitler being an Ovaltini,every bit as good as his monologue in Whoops about his honeymoon (which he mentions whilst walking to Wesley’s shed)
Some brilliant one liners :
Compo : Eva Braun ?
Cleggy : Eva Braun or black
Wesley : He doesn’t really eat earwigs does he ?
Cleggy : He’s trying to give them up
And there is the added bonus of the Crusher and Ivy scene with six customers,
And the superb Wally and Nora raspberry ruffle scene (filmed next to the stile at Hade Edge where I regularly walk and think of this scene)
And even the little things,I love how they are all genuinely smiling on the settee moments before departing the Land Rover and stopping to admire Ashley Jackson’s painting.
An underrated episode that in my opinion is right up there with the very best.
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Lovely to hear from you too Barry,hope you are well.
Yes,I’v been today my friend,I keep looking out for the Summer Wine Narrow boat that Terry posted a photo of,I get people from all over passing by,I met an Australian couple who were on a six month holiday from Australia touring the British waterways while it was their winter,and then going back home for their summer.
Oh that sounds lovely Barry,towpaths and canals are so peaceful,which is what first drew me to wanting to do this when I retired,my own lock is really peaceful and you can sit there and all you hear are the birds singing,and even when a boat comes they glide past at 4 mph,they aren’t allowed to go any faster,I used to walk miles of canals,the loveliest of which was the Huddersfield Narrow Canal from Marsden where Aunties shop is,starting next to the Railway pub that featured in a few episodes,and following the canal through the beautiful Marsden Moor,to Slaithwaite where lots and lots of scenes were filmed,so that walk in particular combines my two favourite things,haven’t been able to do it for a while though as waiting for a leg op,which is why I couldn’t do the Destiny and Six Bananas walk and others that I wanted to.
Your walk sounds lovely.