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    A New Quiz #8

    He didn't want to spend more than 50p on Clems present.
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    Tea Time questions.

    He values is life more.
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    I wish the one in our city centre was silent, he plays his backing music via speakers at full volume, walk near him today and had to put my fingers in my ears, my tinnitus is going crazy now.
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    Sid's Cafe

    Their surname was never mentioned, it's still called Sids Cafe today, I was there a few weeks ago. I don't think it never had an official name, I suppose it was expense the BBC didn't want to pay.
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    A New Quiz #7

    Sid had boat 30 on the river with Ivy
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    A New Quiz #6

    Ivy said it was 7 miles to the next junction in Who made a Splash in Wales.
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    There Goes the Groom

    My son in law is a police officer, they work damned hard and it's dangerous work.
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    A possible solution for the Brexit chaos...

    We're more worried about it making on to WWF
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    There Goes the Groom

    I've noticed that too, I think it was an over site by Mr Clarke. Also interesting that in the first series there were a few scenes of people leaving the pub and getting in the drivers seat, Getting Sam Home also, Sid left the pub and drove the van. I know when it was pointed out that Pepper Pig...
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    A possible solution for the Brexit chaos...

    I've got my eye on them.:42:
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    A New Quiz #5

    Think that's the right one.
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    A New Quiz #5

    Barry ate 3 buns in What's Santa Bought for Nora Batty.
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    A New Quiz #5

    I think we'll need a clue.
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    Dad's Army Remake of The Lost Episodes - Cast Revealed

    Ok I've watched the first one and have to say it's not as bad as I expected. Kevin McNally wasn't to bad but his hight spoilt it a little, wasn't keen on Pike but I was surprised by Wilson and Walker, I thought they did ok. Jones and Fraser weren't very good either but Timothy West did ok.
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    Dad's Army Remake of The Lost Episodes - Cast Revealed

    Thank you captain, I'll check it out, it'll give me something moan about over the weekend.