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hi rich , hope you enjoy the site , some great members on here who realy know there stuff about summer wine ,they put me to shame and ive lived around summer wine area sixty years,
Here's a light hearted post. Just a bit of fun. It's a sort of six degrees of separation thing. What's the link between Compo and Pink Floyd?
captain clutterbuck
captain clutterbuck
long shot but is it Pink Floyd Learning to Fly single and episode where Compo is determined to fly dressed in a bird costume and at one point he is on top of a van driven by Clegg with Foggy supervising [sorry just can't remember the episode]
I know the episode you mean. I think it was called 'Into The Wild Blue Yonder', but no that's not it, although I like that. Here's the link,
Compo - Kenneth Cope (appeared in Lotsw) - Mike Pratt (Kenneth Cope starred with Mike Pratt in popular series Randall And Hopkirk) - Guy Pratt (son of Mike Pratt and David Gilmours bass player) - David Gilmour - Pink Floyd. Hope that's clarified that.

Have a nice day
Hope you are having a good day. Pop in and say 'Hello'.They won't bite, they can't, I've pinched all their teeth. :37::37::37::18:
Hi, Emma.
Really sorry to hear that you were in an accident. Sounds like you are on the mend since you say you are starting to get out and about again. You have my best wishes to a speedy and full recovery, all the best to you. It is good to see you on the forums again.
Hello, RickAns,
I had a devastating accident a while back, and have been holed up in my house for quite some time. Just now venturing out...
Hi,Im trying to remember the episode where Ely ends up walking a moving lorry outside sids cafe??....can anyone help me remember. Thanks
Might have been Camera Shy James
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You are speaking of the A-Z aren't you. We 've been repeating some for a while. Particularly the end set X Y Z .