Another Drone Picture

Great Picture Terry thank you so much for posting it . Shows you the power of technology in current times look no further than the pictures from the International Space Station which are fascinating as were those from Cassini of Saturn


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Another great pic, thanks. Wish it was more wallpaper sized - I really like that capture. I found a few Hi Def drone vids of Holmfirth a few months back on youtube. Lovely to watch.

Andrew D

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Sure the desert must have some redeeming features Andrew, a beauty of its own ?
Oh, aye, definitely! The desert definitely has its own beauty. But it's also a far more dangerous place, not just with the extreme heat, but the plantlife (almost everything growing is like a pincushion) and the wildlife (rattlesnakes, scorpions, killer/Africanized bees)

I grew up in New England and can appreciate going out into total green, playing as a kid without worry about what might lurk under a bush or under a rock. Can't do that here.


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Might need to have a small worry. Here in DC (10 hours south of New England) about 30 high school students were suddenly surprised and attacked by Yellow Jackets (hornets).