Clegg's house is for sale


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Though I agree the house before had a much nicer outlook in reality if you were their age it must of been hard work living there with no vehicle access,you would have to carry all your shopping up steep inclines back home,hard to do in winter when the snow and ice is about,and if you don't like church bells then they would drive you mad

Every time we go the Holmfirth we wonder how people in wheelchairs or people with kids in pushchairs ever get round the back streets. Then our twins were in a pushchair it was murder getting up one or two hills.


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Yes, you have to look at everything when buying a home including location. After my divorce, I found the sweetest home for a price of $50,000. It was beautifully furnished and they were leaving all their furniture which was almost new. In the period that I was there for 2 hours, the train had run by the home, shaking it terribly. I found out it runs twice at night there as well. No wonder it was so cheap. ;) I was so disappointed.

I mean that track was just so many feet from the house. Why I didn't notice that when I pulled up, I don't know.