Film location for "Last post and pigeon."


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Re: Film location for "Last post and pigeon."

There are many scenes that are obviously filmed in Dunkirk; but as I understand it Bill Owen fell ill during the time that they were filming and much was filmed in England. When they ride across the railroad track, I have a strong feeling that that is the same spot that they filmed Edy driving the car full of ladies down the railroad track in full view of Howard and Marina.


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Re: Film location for "Last post and pigeon."

Compo went on a pilgrimage to France in this episode. Was it filmed at Dunkirk?
Alf the hotel scenes and a few others where filmed in the Dunkirk area they are marked in the maps section on the main website, the rest of it including the end with Compo playing the bugle were filmed local to Holmfirth