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    O'Brien Eileen 1 Vicar's Assistant Last Post And Pigeon
    O'Dea Danny 93 Eli Duckett 93 Episodes ( 1986 – 2002)
    O'Keefe Allan 1 Desk Constable There Goes The Groom
    Oakes Caroline 1 Peggy In Which Romance Springs A Leak
    Oldham Geoff 2 Birdwatcher The Defeat Of The Stoneworm
    Workman Tarzan Of The Towpath
    Ollerenshaw Maggie 3 Woman in boat The Flag And Further Snags
    Ethel The Love Mobile
    All That Glitters Is Not Elvis
    Ormerod Sherry 2 Shop Assistant The Glamour Of The Uniform
    Cindy Fritters It All Began With An Old Volvo Headlamp
    Owen Bill 185 Compo Simmonite 185 Episodes (1973 – 2000)
    Owen Gwyneth 1 Wife Going To Gordon's Wedding
    Owen Tom 1 Bank Customer Situations Vacant
    Oxlley Bert 92 Tom Simmonite 93 Episodes ( 1991/2000 – 2010)
    Panther George 1 Man In The Service Of Humanity
    Parker Anthony 1 Goatie Helliwell The Only Diesel Saxaphone In Captivity
    Parnaby Bert 2 Jack Harry Teasdale Come Back Jack Harry Teasdale
    The Charity Balls
    Peacock Trevor 1 Captain Zero (Clutterbuck) That's Not Captain Zero
    Pearce Paul 1 Passer-by Nowhere Particulor
    Peck Brian 2 Vicar Dancing Feet
    Bert An Apple A Day
    Peers Tony 2 Man (C Northrop) The Mysterious CW Northrop
    Wendell Things To Do When Your Wife Runs Off With A Turkish Waiter
    Pendleton Olive 1 Sybil Getting Sam Home
    Perry Emily 1 Mrs Broadbent Adopted By A Stray
    Perry Gilda 1 Celia The Waist Land
    Peters Arnold 1 Gordon 'Splutter' Lippinscale Whoops
    Peters Gordon 1 Man in Library Happy Birthday Howard
    Peters Lloyd 1 Ronnie There Goes The Groom
    Peters Lorraine 1 Lady The Suit That Turned Left
    Pettifer Brian 1 Best Man Going To Gordon's Wedding
    Polan Linda 1 Nurse The Waist Land
    Postlethwaite Pete 1 Man In Cafe A Merry Heatwave
    Potts Eric 2 Landlord The Man Who Invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff
    Landlord A Musical Passing For A Miserable Muscroft
    Pringle Brian 1 Ludovic Cheering Up Ludovic
    Proctor Kathy 1 Customer The Bandit From Stoke-On-Trent
    Quemby Dee 1 Monica Behind Every Bush There Is Not Necessarily A Howard
    Ramsay Heather 1 Wanda In Which Howard Remembers Where He Left His Bicycle Pump
    Randell Paula 1 Pub singer Getting Sam Home
    Rapley John 1 Card player A Quiet Drink
    Rawlinson Brian 3 Traffic Warden The Most Powerful Eyeballs In West Yorkshire
    The Glamour Of The Uniform
    Optimism In The Housing Market
    Rawnsley Max 2 Care salesman The New Mobile Trio
    Reynolds Harriet 1 Tennis Player A Merry Heatwave
    Richards Stan 1 Railway Parcels Man The Flag And Further Snags
    Rigby Graham 1 Hemingway the Tailor Cash flow Problems
    Robbins Kate 1 Gypsy Woman There Are Gypsies At The Bottom Of Our Garden
    Robbins Norman 2 Card player A Quiet Drink
    Man in waiting room All Mod Conned
    Robertshaw Sean 1 Vicar A Musical Passing For A Miserable Muscroft
    Robins Colin 1 Villager Big Day At Dream Acres
    Robinson Cardew 1 Gough Happy Anniversary Gough and Jessie
    Roden Lynn 1 Queenie The Second Husband And The Showgirls
    Rodgers Bill 1 Drunk prisoner A Short Introduction To Cooper's Rules
    Rogers Jean 1 Maud Will Barry Go Septic Despite Listening To Classical Music
    Rogers Muriel 1 Mamsy Getting Sam Home
    Rolfe John 1 Man in pub Earnshaw Strikes Again
    Roscoe Stephanie 3 Post Lady Last Post And Pigeon
    From Here To Paternity
    A White Sweater And A Solicitor's Letter
    Ross David 1 Conrad How Not To Cry At Weddings
    Ross Leelo 1 Widow Dilhooley From Audrey Nash To The Widow Dilhooley
    Rossington Norman 1 Mr MicroWave Beware Of The Elbow
    Rubio Carole 2 Woman Oh Howard We Should Get One Of Those
    Nowhere Particulor
    Russell Peter 1 Sam Getting Sam Home
    Rutland John 2 Husband Going To Gordon's Wedding
    Chuffer Enwright Whoops
    Ryall David 1 Man in plastercast Earnshaw Strikes Again
    Ryan Francesca 1 TV Producer The Last Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression
    Rye Anne 1 Mrs Hemingway That Certain Smile

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