Hello - new to this forum, I have some questions

Hello everyone.
Thank you for accepting my request to join this forum. I have been watching LOTSW from series 18 here in the UK, I am just up to Compo dying and his son Tom coming into the programme. I am not a fan of Tom's, and I know that he does become a more sidelined character later on. Through the years I have seen the odd one or two shows so know quite a bit about the show but I do have some questions. Can someone tell me if there is a thread I should ask questions on as I can't see a specific one.
Things that puzzle me are:
Does Marina have a surname?
What are the trophies that you see on Clegg's dresser and mantlepiece for?
Do Howard and Pearl, or Nora Batty, or Sid and Ivy, or Truly, or Clegg have any children? It would be unusual of none of them did!

There are more questions to come!

Thanks everyone.



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Greetings and Welcome, Mabel !

Hope you enjoy the forum here. We have a lot of nice and informative people here who do not mind answering questions. I can try to answer a few, am sure others will chime in.

At first the character of Tom can be a little annoying but he does get more endearing as the seasons go on. There is a General section of the forums that you can post in for things not directly related to the show. Even if you post in the wrong spot the mods here are great and can help.

I'm not sure of ever hearing a surname for Marina. Not sure about Clegg's trophies, will have to look closer at them next time. I don't believe any of them mentioned having kids. I remember an episode of Ivy holding a baby of Compo's relative's before the trio piled into a van to go to a stately home. Ivy said then that she and Sid had not had kids.



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Welcome Mabel, Rick has basically answered your queries. I ,ve always accepted that most of Cleggs trophies are probably what he got stuck with through venturing too near Aunty Wainwright ! I don't remember any of them having kids not even Barry and Glenda!(spoil the upholstery on his new car !:fp:)


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Hello, welcome, it's always nice to have more woman here, it gets very testosterony round here sometimes. I'll have a look at the trophies next chance I get, no surname for Marina was ever mentioned neither where kids every mentioned but I like to think Nora and Wally had a couple somewhere. If you can't find a specific place for a question just plonk where you like, It'll give Terry something to moan about :p but seriously don't worry about it just join in where you like. :42:
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Haha, thanks Pearl! I always think the women of LOTSW have more testosterone than the men!
Thank you Dick and Rick as well. Cleggy could have got the trophies at Aunty Wainwrights', I hadn't thought of that.

LOTSW is gentle viewing. I like to think we will all have a period of time in our lives when we can be like them as well.


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So what do you put on the mantelpiece if there are no family photos, no vases, no little knickknacks. What's left? Trophies!! If you note the candlesticks on the mantelpiece, you will note that there are never any candles in them.