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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maltrab, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. Pearl

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  2. Brian Johns

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    I was once in the short term carpark of Perth Airport, returning to my car after picking some friends up. As I got closer to my car I got out the keys and pushed the boot release button. The car immediately alongside me opened it's boot (trunk for the Americans) as did mine three cars down!. The car was the same make as mine but a different model. Being mischievous I decided to check out if this was just a fluke, but it wasn't! I could open and lock all the doors and the boot as if it was my own car.

    I was tempted to see if I could start it as well, but although my key fitted the ignition lock, I chickened out and didn't try to start it. I simply closed everything up and relocked it all.

    Obviously there are not an infinite number of remote locking codes! :fp:
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  3. and7barton

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    A true story - I was sitting parked up in my car outside a chip shop (it was in the evening and dark). I was awaiting my wife who was buying fish and chips. Two women walked up from the shop, opened the doors and got in. The woman next to me in the front seat looked at me in horror as they realised they'd got into the wrong car. She blurted out an apology and leapt out. I called out - "Am I complaining ?"
  4. captain clutterbuck

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    Thought this was one of your quiz questions Terry my answer was going to be Scouse [courtesy of narrators Ringo Star and Michael Angelis]
  5. Pearl

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    Some years ago before electronic car locks etc, my daughter and her then boyfriend had gone 300 yards away from the carpark before they found they were in the wrong car. Same model, same colour and their key had started the car .It was only when she went into the glove box that they discovered the mistake !:confused::eyesroll::3x:
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  7. maltrab

    maltrab Administrator Staff Member

    Thomas the tank engine,now were talking
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  8. Pearl

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    Like I say they all look the same to me but so I can find mine in a car park I have ' personalised " mine. I have a Thomas the Tank Engine pillow on the parcel shelf, Reaper stickers and Scottish flags on the back end, Monkey World and Battle of Bosworth stickers in the windows.
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    I worked with a rather eccentric boffin type who parked his car on site, next to which someone else constantly parked the identical car in the same colour livery as his . In a bid to stop himself attempting to get into the wrong car day after day to our astonishment he came in one day having painted a large red cross on the roof of the car . All cars that a person could use to travel to work and park on site had to be registered my colleague registered 13 vehicles in total including a motorised lawn mower which he did arrive in once to the bewilderment of everyone but especially the Site Security people .
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  10. maltrab

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  11. Pearl

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    Maybe they all look alike to him, I drive a silver car, it gets me from A to B I don't care what it is so long has it goes when I put the key in the thing. They all look alike to me.
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  12. maltrab

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    That in the episode "An Apple a Day" Howard goes to the pub with a certain Lady who he hardly knows, when in the car park Entwistle's truck pulls up driven by the lad,I would of thought Howard would of spotted who's truck it was and made some comment and surprised it was driven by a complete stranger

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