Inside Number 9

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by captain clutterbuck, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. ferret

    ferret Well-Known Member

    Great series, I've been a fan of theirs from the League of Gentlemen through Phsychoville to No Inside No 9.
  2. mashibinbin

    mashibinbin Active Member

    I've seen most of this series and it's a mixed bag quality wise. Some excellent guest stars and a varied choice of scenarios. Even the weaker ones have something to enjoy in my opinion.
  3. maltrab

    maltrab Administrator Staff Member

  4. cciaffone

    cciaffone Well-Known Member

    But I cannot find it on RARBG so I cannot download it.
    Is there a better title than Inside Number 9 ???
  5. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    This show is in series 4 on BBC and I must admit I have never seen it . Written by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton two of the guys behind the League of Gentlemen [which may put a lot of the members off watching this but please do not let it] .

    I cannot speak for the rest of the series but I will watch some more but please take a leap of faith and watch the first episode of Series 4 titled Zanzibar . Reading about the series it centres around the events of dwellings connected to the number 9 . In the one I have just watched, it is based around rooms on the 9th Floor of the Zanzibar hotel . I understand it is based on rhyming couplets in a sort of tribute to Shakespeare.

    It is a traditional Farce based upon people being in the wrong rooms but it is so much more . I have to credit the writers with their ingenious plot it is so cleverly done . Whilst it is a little risque I don't believe anyone could find it offensive because it is all implied and not graphically demonstrated . If you decide to Watch on BBC IPlayer I do hope you enjoy their ingenuity .

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