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Discussion in 'Chat about anything non Summer Wine' started by Pearl, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. RickAns

    RickAns Well-Known Member

    When I saw the first post earlier this morning I thought it was hypothetical. Then I saw an article later in the day from Tom Baker saying it was about time that there was / is a female Dr Who. I thought Wow, Pearl is on the ball !

    I do not know anything about Jodie Whittaker. Is Steven Moffat still writing for Dr Who? If so I am sure he made a good choice. I really like his work in the series Coupling as well as Jekyll. From what little I have seen of the newer Dr Who's here in the States his selection of Michelle Gomez as the female Master / Mistress was very well done. She is a great actress and I really like her in the Green Wing series. Also, as mentioned I think Olivia Colman would have been great as well - fan of hers too.

    I must admit that at the time I was a bit unsure at first of a female Starbuck in the remake of Battlestar Galactica. The idea of it put me off watching the show till several years later. The original series was near and dear to me watching it as a kid on the tele back in the day. Yes, I thought it sacrilege to recast a major role like that. Wow, was I wrong when I eventually got around to seeing the remake. I really liked what they did with the show. Sadly, as the series wound on through the years the writing did not seem as great as it first was. Unfortunately this affliction seems to strike many shows nowadays. I'll still re-watch the first few years of the series gladly.

    As mentioned the Dr is not human and most likely took a human male form to more easily and covertly integrate with human society for his travels back in the day when the show came out. Can you imagine the Doctress chasing after Dialeks and other meanies in a big, poufy Pride & Prejudice Jane Austin type dress through alien landscapes :eek: ?! Just teasing. I do realize that Dr. Who is an iconic, classic British show and has much meaning to the many who enjoyed it over the decades. I've enjoyed many a Dr Who shows through his multiple regenerations over the years.

    I just remembered watching a Dr Who special episode with Rowan Atkinson as the Dr. some time ago. Julia Sawalha was his cohort. Then near the end of the special the Dr regenerated into Joanna Lumley! Hmm, must have been very foretelling of the future Dr Who plans.

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  2. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member


    On the other hand, it's easy to picture a female Howard; he's already got the pinny!
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  3. Pearl

    Pearl Super Moderator Staff Member

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  4. dick

    dick Well-Known Member

    you 're messing with my head again. Imagine if Glenda had appeared as a Glenn in racing leathers!:13::39:UGGGHHHH:cry2:
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  5. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member

    Only on YouTube. Only way to see either one of them here in the States....
  6. Pearl

    Pearl Super Moderator Staff Member

    Funny you should say that, I watched that not long ago and thought the same thing. Did you see her in Oh Doctor Beeching?
  7. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member

    I've still gotten myself stuck on a female about Barbara New? After how well she played the grubby and socially outcast scullery maid on You Rang, M'Lord?
  8. Pearl

    Pearl Super Moderator Staff Member

    Love Olivia Coleman, she'd have been amazing.
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  9. Marianna

    Marianna Well-Known Member

    Most folks seem to anthropomorphize the Doctor who, after all, isn't human and is probably not a particular human gender either. We've already seen the Master transformed into the Mistress, Missy for short, so why not the next Doctor in the guise of a human female?

    It's a wrench for me, nevertheless, after all these decades of the Doctor as male, beginning when my PBS station began broadcasting the show in the Tom Baker era.
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  10. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    Long overdue , not before time . I thought they may have selected Olivia Coleman, who happens to also star in Broadchurch .
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  11. Pearl

    Pearl Super Moderator Staff Member

    Wow now that would be a thing to behold...... At arms lenth.
  12. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member

    For that matter, how about a female Compo??? :21:
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  13. Pearl

    Pearl Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have to say I don't watch it to be honest but I've just spent the last few hours reading the comments on Facebook, people are completely losing the plot over it.

    The way I see it Doctor Who is an ever evolving being so it stands to reason that the being will infact evolve into a female at some point. Speaking as a none feminist I can honestly say that its a good thing in that the insurance for the tardis is going to be a lot cheaper and the dalaks will have to watch their Ps and Qs.

    Nora being man would have taken the show in a whole new direction which lets face it wouldn't have happened in the 70s. Not sure Wally would have been so happy either.
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  14. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member

    Well, let me answer by way of reversing the question, as it seems (to me, anyway) that more often these hypotheticals involve re-imagining a male character as a female. What if it was the other way around? What if Nora Batty was a seriously unpleasant big bloke who liked to sweep?

    I guess to me it's not a question of whether either gender could fill a role, it's only that once a precedent has been set as to which gender a particular character is, I have trouble re-imagining it. I know it was done successfully in the re-creation of Battlestar Galactica, but outside of that I have some difficulty with it...imagine Pamela Anderson in Baywatch being re-done as a hunk called Patrick and you may see what I mean.
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  15. Pearl

    Pearl Super Moderator Staff Member

    Or as a friend now calls it Nurse What.
    Ok I'm going to open this can of worms.
    So what do you think of a female Doctor Who?

    Remember, keep it clean and respectful!!
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