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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by captain clutterbuck, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member

    "How do they get fish just the right size for this batter??" (Compo in their visit to Wales in Season 3)
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  2. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    I believe it is the shape the chips were, that was because in those days they were cut by hand in these small establishments [none of your modern cutting machines here] plus although they would start crispy but while they sat in the range waiting to be purchased they probably started to go slightly soggy with the steam and heat and thus when picked up they would bend slightly . If you put two side by side either because they were slightly soggy or the way they had been cut the looked like a pair of cowboy's best bowed legs .
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  3. Brian Johns

    Brian Johns Well-Known Member

    If I am not mistooken they are eating from newspaper (shock horror).
    BTW I am with Rick...what are bow-legged chips????
  4. RickAns

    RickAns Well-Known Member

    Cool pic. What is a bow legged chip by the way?
  5. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    I was trawling through some old photographs of Newcastle and came across this one of an old Fish and Chip Shop [look at the prices on the window 1/6 [ 8p in today's money] for Cod and Chips don't eat very often but imagine well over £5 now ] and the kids all tucking in .

    It doesn't show here but someone who knew it said they had a sign in the shop that said " A tuppenny whale with a battered Tail and a bag of bow legged chips 5d [or 2.5 p in new money] " . I think it is a great photo and reminder of days gone by and I am still laughing out loud at the sign .

    I wondered if anyone on the forum has similar memories and would like to share them on this thread.

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