Old railway carriage into tiny house in NZ


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Thanks for posting Rick, I have stayed in a few railway coaches on holiday and think a couple would make a great home, possibly perched on a disused viaduct
Nice photos Rick in a similar vein I was watching one of those restoration programmes where people take loving care to produce state of the art pieces on a show called George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and there was an episode where a guy took a dilapidated signal box and rstored it in his garden as a garden shed . He saved the signal lever and integrated it into the now summer house as a feature. When you pulled the lever it actually started a model railway train which ran around a ledge he installed next to the ceiling.



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There is a place in Lincolnshire where they bought the old station and it still has its platform; the signal box (brick base) has been turned into sleeping accommodation. I stayed there once. As you looked southwards you could see the next disused station down the line complete with platform. Not far from Woodhall Spa on the old GNR line I believe.