Still Open All Hours?

Discussion in 'Telly that May Be Worth Watching' started by Ch74, Jan 18, 2016.

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  1. wstol

    wstol Well-Known Member

    SOAH series 4 ended last night with episode 7.

    This was an above-average episode - by the far the best in the last two series.

    Mostly original ideas, not too predictable - by no means a masterpiece, but an improvement.

    Nice to see Scarborough, reminded me of other Roy Clarke programmes - LOTSW 1976 two-parter, and Rosie (which no doubt would help inspire the Cooper and Walsh show that never happened).
  2. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    The original Steptoe's crop up on TV still. UKTV Drama are running some of them at 6pm every evening plus the terrestrial ITV channels often have the two feature films on , which make me laugh out loud with the short sighted greyhound and the bit where the old man is getting bathed in the kitchen sink and using the dish mop to wash under his arms just priceless.
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  3. BruceC

    BruceC Well-Known Member

    I agree with most remakes being hideous desperate efforts to cash in. I haven't seen the new Porridge and reading this I dont think I'll go looking for it either! - Sometimes its nice to have memories of how things were. Why do they have to go and ruin it!

    Goodnight Sweetheart 2016... ->

    Gee, the original Steptoe and Son... that brings back memories!!! That theme song and the real audience clapping instead of someone with a CD and play/pause button.. I despise canned laughter and fake clal
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  4. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    Of all the offerings from the remakes I thought Hancock and Till Death do us Part were well made as was Steptoe and Son but they were presented as stage plays and I think that added to shows. However , I could not see them becoming series nor would I want them to be because the originals were iconic and deserve to remain untouched . As Terry says Porridge was just awful and did not deserve a series in any shape or form . I did not see Goodnight and cannot really comment .

    I know I extolled the virtues of Inside Number 9 but it is an example of what is good about the BBC , although very dark the scripts are so wonderfully written . The final episode this week was very macabre but so cleverly thought out and constructed with some wonderful twists and comedic gems . As a viewer you have to "work" at watching it and give it some thought , which I prefer than watching some banal , trite dare I say it lazy remake .
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  5. maltrab

    maltrab Administrator Staff Member

    Yes it was odd that Goodnight was acceptable and worth another series,yet they did not, yet the remake of Porridge was terrible and they made a series out of it, I have given up trying to understand the BBC these days
  6. BruceC

    BruceC Well-Known Member

    Sorry if its been discussed before, but I caught the 'modern' 1 episode of Goodnight Sweetheart recently...

    I thought it was fairly good! and was worth at least a season to see what happens, but much reading on the webs said no go - anybody know why it didnt get a green light?

    As for Still open all hours, there isnt much they can really do different in the shop is there?
    I've watched one or 5 episodes on Youtube and DailyM, i thought it was good, but I'll laugh at most British comedies, they are easily the best.
  7. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    I agree WSTOL it should never have been made, they should have left it with Arkwright . The script leaves a lot to be desired but of all the things that irritate me about the series the greatest is Sir David Jason as Granville . I am not sure if its deliberate or he is having issues but the laconic drawl when he is delivering one of his monologues to entice Eric and Cyril to buy whatever he happens to be flogging is just so annoying and laboured.
  8. wstol

    wstol Well-Known Member

    Up to the fifth episode of this fourth series.

    It doesn't get better. Same plot EVERY time.

    Totally unbelievable, no realism.

    The pilot of SOAH was a joy, and a few episodes of the first series were reasonable, but generally SOAH has been very poor and it shouldn't have been.
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  9. Tractor Fan

    Tractor Fan Member

    I used to lilke open all hours but i dont like still open all hours still open all hours. as with most things on television these days it has been ruined by socalled political incorrectness and its not even a real portrayal of a corner shop anymore. where are the skinheads outside frighting off the locals? im afraid we will never see its like again. I used to
  10. mashibinbin

    mashibinbin Well-Known Member

    It never happened but imagine the duel of wits between Arkwright and Auntie Wainwright!
  11. I would really like it if Foggy went into the shop and talked about all the prices of things LOL
  12. wstol

    wstol Well-Known Member

    Are there ANY episodes of Still Open All Hours which don't involve Granville selling a load of rubbish to Wet Eric and Cyril, claiming it to be some form of marital aid??
  13. wstol

    wstol Well-Known Member

    Very good comments.

    As you indicate, Granville could have bought a new till, say 25 years ago before he became so mean, and that till would now be out of date, yet newer than the old one, and able to go wrong all the time.

    Also he would have bought a van, when he was younger, that would be old now which again would be going wrong.

    There doesn't seem to any of the charm left from the original Granville.

    I know the younger man often turns into the older man, gradually, without him realising - but I would have liked to have seen some signs of the earlier Granville who had dreams and ambitions.

    I also feel the supporting cast are in the show too often.
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  14. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    Love interest for Leroy, again in line with all of the love interests for Granville when he was the assistant to Arkwright . Mavis is in effect now the Nurse but for some obscure reason I will never understand Mrs Featherstone keeps trying to encroach, I don't know what Mr Clarke is thinking of.
  15. happyjack

    happyjack Well-Known Member

    Yes I agree with the sentiments below. I didn`t bother to watch the episode I gave up on it last time.
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  16. maltrab

    maltrab Administrator Staff Member

    It seemed to be shown for the sake of showing it, sadly I agree it has lost it's way and the plot,Granville wanted to bin that dodgy till years ago,yet it is still there, they could of used a modern one that still had problems like churning out miles of till roll every so often, or Granville would get covered in ink when he changes it,Granville tries to make cheaper till rolls, so many options.

    Was the girl with the Meat is Murder sign just a infill as it seemed pointless
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  17. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    I can concur WSTOL I watched it to give it one more chance but it was just lame , predictable Comedy. The subtaphone , sousaphone you know the trick to sell the Doctor Proctor's latest "medication" was just hammy and not a patch on what Roy Clarke scripted for Ronnie Barker's incarnation . I absolutely hate this 180 degree turn with Granville and the Black Widow Mrs Featherstone from being considered "one of those young persons" by her and someone she didn't want to serve her in the shop to now being her love interest , it just does not work in so many ways . BBC please retire it now.
  18. wstol

    wstol Well-Known Member

    Watched the special last night. Very average SOAH episode.

    Too much dressing up and silliness and ruins what could otherwise be a good show.

    This is the same route LOTSW went down in latter years.

    Time to call it day after this series.
  19. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    I don't watch it but I think she was committed to Eastenders as Linda Clarke when they filmed the latest series of Still Open All Hours . I am not sure she is still in it but presumably has other commitments which preclude her rejoining Still Open . Will there be another series that would allow her to return , who knows , does it deserve recommissioning ? My own personal view is no .
  20. wstol

    wstol Well-Known Member

    Didn't notice Lynda Baron's name on the credits.

    Thought she may have returned this year.

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