Those Steps


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A Great Old picture of the steps next to the Cafe, much better condition these days plus a wider gap between the buildings, the part that interest me was the door at the bottom of the steps, the step itself is well worn and you wonder why so many people have walked through that door and worn the step,was it a shop of some kind at one stage of its life, also the gap now under the door, how much wind would whistle through there.
It looks residential rather than a shop but it could of course been adapted through the years but the adjacent windows look like original , even if the frames are not , then the window apertures themselves are and don't look like a shop front . If the residents are as fastidious as Nora then they probably polished the front step to excess and its worn away or perhaps the step was a meeting place for courting couples and all that shoe leather has caused the erosion :eek:.


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That was the space in which the hardware store owner put the greasy, rancid equipment from the chippy (now the Cafe) when he cleared it to use as a warehouse for his paint. At some point in the past, I knew when the health department shut down the chippy for serving too many deep-fried maggots with the fish and chips. One of the books on LOTSW said that you didn't want to walk too close to the building when you used those steps because of the reek of rancid, fishy grease.