What's your favourite episode?

Discussion in 'Members Question Time' started by Ch74, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. simonite

    simonite Well-Known Member

    I am with Marianna on this of Funerals and Fish :cool:
  2. BruceC

    BruceC Member

    I've got many years of episodes left to watch though!
  3. barmpot

    barmpot Well-Known Member

    Full Steam Behind as filmed very near to where I live and Crums - because I am a CRUM, third place an episode somewhere between nos 1 - 295
  4. barmpot

    barmpot Well-Known Member

    Totally agree
  5. cciaffone

    cciaffone Well-Known Member

    again ... Full Steam Behind
  6. Marianna

    Marianna Well-Known Member

    Mine is the pilot, Of Funerals and Fish.
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  7. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

    The Seymour years were my favourite era Micheal Aldridge was a great addition to SW. Most of these episodes I really like.
  8. manfromoswestry

    manfromoswestry Well-Known Member

    So many favorites that I can't pick just one. Among some of my current favorites are...

    All Mod Conned -- I love those scenes at the beach, which I think were at Spurn Point.

    The Man From Oswestry -- The introduction of Foggy. Him getting his scarf caught up in the cart wheel was hilarious!

    From Wellies To Wet Suit -- I understand this was one of Bill Owen's favorite episodes too.

    The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper / Cheering Up Gordon -- Not sure which episode it was where the waitress in the boarding house cleared Compo's plate from the table and said, "Does he eat the bones too?" LOL!

    Whoops! -- When Chuffer Enright points at a spot on his knee and says, "Does everybody have this little knobbly thing?" And then the trio come out of Chuffer's shed with their pant legs rolled up past their knees! That's always good for a few laughs!

    In The Service Of Humanity -- Foggy's mishaps in that episode were classic especially when he unwittingly took a ladder from a roofer and left him stranded.
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  9. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    I wonder if Roy Clarke had the idea to have a partner for Tom who would constantly nag him that she no longer wanted to live "in an old bus" and wanted to put roots down in her own house so ultimately he could create the situation of moving them into Tom's dad's place next to Nora. It would thus allow the situation of both women fighting over Tom with each trying to outdo each other in not only what they can do for Tom but also all things domestic chores . We know Nora is extremely house proud and has set ways of doing things ,Mrs Avery offers contrast by bringing in methods Nora finds abhorrent.
  10. WesleyRocks

    WesleyRocks Well-Known Member

    Mine would have to be Situation Vacant.
  11. Ch74

    Ch74 Active Member

    A superb line from Nora the other day talking of Barry

    'No good comes from promotion

    They start turning their nose up at salad cream and want French dressing'

    Simply superb:18:
  12. Adanor

    Adanor Well-Known Member

    There were certain lines you just didn't cross. Marina and Howard had an acceptable relationship because they always failed and Pearl was always there to reel him back in. Tom with a live in partner crossed that line. I think that Tom would have been ok appearing by himself at first.
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  13. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    I agree , Julie T Wallace is a good actress but I don't think the part as Tom's partner was for her or indeed anyone which was clear when she was written out by Roy Clarke. Although I enjoyed the episode The Art of the Shorts story when she is Barry's personal trainer. When Barry attempts to box and she tap's him with the tip of her glove and he goes down like a sack of spuds makes me laugh . I like when she arrives and flattens Howard's bike love the line about Howard being a dwarf and Marina "that tart" and how the last thing he would need is more bad luck especially when he is stuck with that tart. Other than those few moments I don't think her part works . Tom just doesn't measure up, closest he comes to making an impact is when he is teamed with Smiler working for Auntie .
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  14. Ch74

    Ch74 Active Member

    I'm watching the episodes on Gold and had forgotten these ones specifically because I thought the Mrs Avery /Babs/Tom trio wasn't that great. I remember reading in the book that rj agreed with that
    Question is Wikipedia said babs left after just 3 episodes as she was that unpopular. Unpopular with whom? Can't be the viewers as they wouldn't have watched it by then

    I never thought Tom was particularly great. I remember an old episode which he's an extra using an ATM when Foggy thinks he's heard an explosion. It was a nice touch having him after the death of his dad but to me never worked
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  15. dick

    dick Well-Known Member

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  16. dick

    dick Well-Known Member

    As always it has to be GETTING BARRY HIGHER IN THE WORLD...The Seymour years are my favourites and most of the rest I like but-----------The Compo is jealous of Smiler episodes are my least favourite. The whole saga is dragged on too long for my liking.:confused:
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  17. Maggie Jones

    Maggie Jones Well-Known Member

    Hello all. I don't think I've ever seen the episode about Cleggy's manager. I'll have to catch up with my viewing! As others have said pathos is there in several of the episodes and this makes it all the more touching and the situations are something you can relate to in everyday life. Such clever writing and acting!
  18. Brian Johns

    Brian Johns Well-Known Member

    It was the MC (Military Cross) Captain.

    I don't think I have a "favourite" episode as such, the whole show is a favourite though. There are some episodes that I am not fussed about (A clean sweep is one) but even these are more enjoyable to watch
    than most of the pap that passes for entertainment these days. (Did I see right and there is now a reality TV show on field PLOUGHING?????? :12::13:)

    Like others on here I have difficulties watching the Comp death trilogy, brilliantly acted!

    Jurassic No Parking is ONE favourite as I have mentioned before, as is the "Cooper's Rules" episode (Possibly because I can put myself in Cooper's position...in fact I think he copied some of MY moves!!!:21:)
    I am fond of the Seymour years and Wesley is definitely a favourite character.

    My favourite episode is somewhere between 1 and 295 just not sure which!!!:18:
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  19. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    The Afterthoughts of a Coop manager I think matches the pathos of those episodes mentioned already. Clegg spends the whole episode expressing disdain for his former manager, until the final scene where they are having a drink and he expounds the fact that his manager had been killed in action and was awarded the VC [If I recall it correctly] for his attempts to save the lives of soldiers under fire , Cleggy, Truly , Alvin etc stand and toast the fallen hero . It is a very poignant scene.
  20. Maggie Jones

    Maggie Jones Well-Known Member

    Hello all. Captain has captured exactly how I felt watching the two episodes he has mentioned. To see a single tear falling down Compo's cheek at the end of the episode filmed in Dunkirk was so so moving.
    Also seeing Cleggy looking so sad and moved by Compo's death made me think that it was Peter Sallis who was so sad and not his character.
    Mind you it may be my celtic roots but I do get very emotional on these kinds of issues. I was the same when they killed off Morse. But perhaps that's also the merit of the acting involved.
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