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    Laughter track

    @Onslow Yes I was lucky enough to attend the screening for laughter track at Teddington Studios. It was a wonderful experience, Howard & Marina did a little skit on stage beforehand. One of the episodes I saw was Goodnight Sweet Ferret, I cannot recall the other episode as they all blur into...
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    Tiptoe Through The Tulips

    I'm not sure if you've seen the thread Stephen, but I've previously posted the video of the Royal Variety Performance if you've not seen it before.
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    Robert Fife's Funeral Today

    Thank you for posting Pearl, was Mike Grady not there also?
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    YOUR perfect ending......

    Nora & Compo finally getting it together. Foggy getting a belated military recognition for bravery on a mission in his past army career. Wesley getting one of his motorised contraptions into mass production Clegg getting appointed as a lighthouse keeper where he can finally live the quiet life...
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    Maurice Chevalier Pub

    Welcome to the forum Theatrically Inclined, hope to see lots more of your posts!
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    I agree with the points about football becoming a multi millionaires sport, but everyone has loads of non league sides nearby to watch. The players there are primarily playing for the love of the game or a very small appearance fee. Also you can normally get in for just over a fiver, I got a...
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    Summer Wine on VHS

    What about minidiscs, they were much better than recordable CD's ? I had a Sony Minidisc player I was really disappointed it didn't take off.
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    I think they only do the sliding celebrations when the pitch is wet, people think that the water that some clubs spray on the pitch is to water the grass. In fact it is so ensure that the pitch is more slippery and ensures a faster pitched game which may suit the tactics of the manager.
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    Will have to wait to visit

    Hope you're fighting fit in not time at all, hopefully you can share a photo or two or even do a dance in front of the Holmfirth webcam when you go!
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    Hello Everyone

    Looks like Dan was only active for several days after he joined and not been back since. I notice this a lot with new members, hopefully we don't scare them off! :oops:
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    A Couple of Barry Question

    I'd have said golf club too
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    Question on most recent Last of the Summer Wine books

    The Summer Winos book is absolutely brilliant, laugh out loud reading too!
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    Summer Wine on VHS

    Wow that takes me back, I remember going into my local video rental store in the 80's there was even a Betamax section in there too!!!!
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    I thought the 'topic' was a clever pun confectionery reference to the chocolate bar :p:p:pperhaps I was reading too deeply into it!