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Hi Jamie, Welcome to Summer Wine. No age limitations here. I used to be 17 but that was 67 years ago. WOW, that makes me 29 now :D ....Well, I can dream. Tell us more about yourself and keep posting. The people on here are very friendly and enjoy a good laugh. We are all young and filled with COMPOISM. :13:
Thank you for the post and I'm so glad you had a good time at Sid's cafe, i shall be there myself in October :)
Good Morning and welcome NorComp. As Brucie would say, Nice to see you, to see you NICE. Hope you enjoy the group. Great bunch of people here. Look forward to your posts. Peri.
Its a painting of a poem called Golden Glories by Christina Rossetti, it was a favourite of my wife
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Thanks Crush. Will it be possible for you to show a close up of the pic when you get the chance?