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Currently staying in Nora Batty's and loving every minute! Feeling sorry that I have not posted since joining some time ago.... Wishing all a very happy and blessed New Year
Hi Boylo98,
I was just scrolling through my profile and came across your profile. I notice you are from Wymondham, as you probably know I am also from Wymondham. I notice that you are only a boy of now 26 so I probably do not know you unless you live next door. Glad to know I am not alone.
Just joined as I was looking for water fall location, which I found. I saw a photo from ‘getting Sam home’ which no one new location of. It is the car park behind Trevor Brays photography shop ( now Helen Bray ) and shared with Griffith’s plumbers now closed. The BBC used to hire the car park when filming to keep their vehicles and canteen bus.