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    Win 11 quote

    and her behind the net curtains at number 12!!
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    Win 11 quote

    Saw a lovely and very true quote on TheRegister site about Micro$ofts persistant attempts to own YOU!
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    Sid's Relationship with the Trio

    Spoken like a true Woman/Wife.....:cheek: oh cr*p, did I say that out loud.. now I'm in trouble :08:
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    The music thread

    Found this from the guy who gives the music background in the documentary "Digging for Britain" I love it to bits!
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    Hello everyone

    An extremely warm welcome into our community. Hope you enjoy yourself and please, share your thoughts and comments on our favourite comedy. :01::01::01::01:
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    Members with "Outlook" or "Live Mail" email addresses please read.

    I have just received the result of my appeal from Micro$oft, they have now mitigated our IP address (taken it off their blacklist), though this procedure may take up to 48 hours. Thereafter things will be back to normal. p.s. that is the fastest and least painful appeal I have ever experienced...
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    Members with "Outlook" or "Live Mail" email addresses please read.

    Maybe he means taking the batteries out, then putting them back in :)
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    Members with "Outlook" or "Live Mail" email addresses please read.

    I am, once again, in the catch 22 battle with Micro$oft concerning email blockages. Their argument is that the IP address of our web server is within a GROUP of IP's that contain one or two known spamming sites. Consequently our IP has been added, once again, to their blocklist by association. I...
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    Merry Christmas 2021

    :Merry Christmas:Merry Christmas Very Merry Christmas to all of you :Merry Christmas:Merry Christmas
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    Forum Christmas Opening Hours

    Just remember I am NOT on call, all my phones unplugged, my router unplugged, windows closed and locked and an enormous sack (from santa) of the best cornish pasties :01::01::01::01::01:
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    Google Search Results for November - Forever upwards!

    You'd be suprised with the depth of information. Geographic, by OS, by browser, by device, search terms and landing pages. The document actually covers up to four pages. Just a few:
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    Google Search Results for November - Forever upwards!

    Just received the Google search results for this past month, and for the 14th month in a row the numbers have increased. Another gold cup :) The one that impresses me most is the 652 first impressions. If I understand the information provided by Google, that indicates that 652 more people that...
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    Digley Reservoir

    Excellent, very many thanks for the continued contributions.
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    Inside the White Horse

    Very warm welcome friend, and a really great set of pictures, very familiar to all of us.