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    Uncle of the Bride. Wally Batty - Legend.

    Wally and friend. :)
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    The Ladies drinking Alcohol

    Weren't the ladies and everyone having a drink in the pub as they waited for the bus to take them to a wedding that got canceled?
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    The Ladies drinking Alcohol

    Can not think of the episode name... Nora goes into a pub where the trio are and she is looking upset / dazed. She sits with the guys and they offer to get her a drink drink. Compo gets Foggy to pay for most of it. Possibly gin and tonic - Foggy pays for the gin and Compo the tonic, or a...
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    Musical references to other comedies

    Thanks, Inky. Don't think I ever would have made that connection without someone pointing it out.
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    To all lovers of Chocolate

    Very nice. It is great looking at the pictures and seeing how things were back then.
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    Holmfirth Walk

    Good one, Barry. Thanks for sharing.
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    Three Score Years Plus Ten

    Happy Birthday to ya, Terry! :18:
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    Are the wrinkles clockwise or counter-clockwise? :29:
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    Another new book soon

    Good find, Calvin. They sure do not give us much to go on do they? For a new book out next month would be nice if they said more.
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    Full Blown meals

    Think it was a Christmas special when a group of them are at the cafe for a meal. Compo gives Nora a gift. Believe Terry posted a pic of the scene some time ago.
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    Full Blown meals

    A Merry Heat Wave a couple comes in to escape the heat and get something light to eat. Believe Ivy tells them they are getting the full Christmas turkey meal instead.
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    In the Soup

    I'm getting hungry. Wotcha cooking?
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    Full Blown meals

    The librarian guy and his lady assistant had a meal date at the cafe. While Sid was pulling Compo up a ladder with a rope to fix the slates.
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    Drink Your Coffee!!!!

    I do feel a bit sorry for Glenda at times when she is told that. She does ask for it sometimes when she makes a comment.
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    Full Blown meals

    The Bullocks* had a buffet style meal upstairs at the cafe. Flag and some Snags * fixed a typo, haha! Thanks, wstol. :21: