Auntie and Money


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Auntie is the most sweetest money grabber in the world, my question is in what episodes do we actually see someone hand cash over to Auntie, and who was handing the cash over

captain clutterbuck

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I think Pearl is probably correct but as an aside whilst every penny is accounted for in Auntie's case has anyone ,who has watched Open All Hours, noticed that when Arkwright takes the money from his Customers and rings it in the till he just grabs random coins out of the till drawer to hand over to his Customers .

The figures that come up on the Cash register seem to bear no resemblance to what he has told them the cost is . I know its the comic effect of the till itself and the fact it nearly had the fingers off Arkwright and Granville but this lackadaisical approach is in stark contrast to the meanness and money grabbing nature Arkwright is purported to have . It would never do for Auntie .