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Brian Johns

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Woke up this morning from a marvelous dream! FOR REAL!!
I was in Summerwineland, well actually I was in the areas where it was filmed and I was watching them film a new feature length SW film, with a proper budget!

I was aware I was in "reality" watching them, not actually a part of the show mystique, making this new movie and I got to meet some of the characters.
Being "reality" I was cognizant that most of the original members were no longer with us and the dream somehow compensated for this. I even got some of the outline of the story and watched some scenes being filmed.

The story started with Howard leaving a party in the White Horse and getting in a taxi, with most of the remaining boys (Hobbo, Alvin, Barry and Morton) half-cut wishing him a fond farewell.

The scene continues in the taxi as it pulls up to the churchyard. Howard gets out and there are a few tearful scenes as he visits Pearl's grave and those of Compo and Cleggy to say goodbye. He then re enters the taxi and it drives off.

Meanwhile at the Cafe, Crusher, now "grown up" and not quite as gormless is running the place. Glenda and Barry are having a quiet cuppa and reminiscing about the old days.

Back at the White Horse the boys are doing something similar, only not with tea! Things naturally get rowdy.

Here the dream gets hazy. The idea is that the new characters are to be introduced one by one and they all have some relationship with "The Boys"

One turns out to be the kid Cleggy kicks off the driving simulator in Series 1. Another is the boy whose scooter Compo "borrowed" in an early episode.

Somewhere along the way a Medieval Fair is involved and the "old" boys run a relay race with the "new" boys and (I KNOW IT's CORNY, but my dream actually included this) The final scene is HOBBO passing the baton to the last new guy before falling flat on his face and being last seen getting loaded in the back of an ambulance.

The sun was shining the whole time, the places looked wonderful and the whole thing had a wonderful summerwine feeling about it.

Makes a change from the usual dreams I have which.....are not generally so happy or even "G" rated.


Brian Johns

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Oh Well, I knew it couldn't last.:confused:
Normal dream service has recommenced.....back to dead people, blood, gore and body parts. At least it wasn't one of my "bad" ones.o_O