Ever Decreasing Circles

I started a thread a few years ago on the hunt for a comedy in a similar genre to LOTSW and EDC was mentioned a few times on my thread. It's on my 'to view' list Amos
Love it , always look out for couples wearing the same jumpers for an ongoing Howard and Hilda moment. Does anyone or has anyone experienced having a Golden Boy in their company . When I worked we had one who was accomplished in every sport they played we had a quest to find something he wasn't good at and it was Darts which was a surprise but sure if he practiced he'd get better. I also have experience of a Martin who was just frustrating to the extreme. I love the ongoing gag with the phone .
Even though he is a little fussy can absolutely understand Martins frustration with Paul captain.
We had a golden boy in our class,and even though it’s 50 years ago I can still vividly remember him,he was captain of the football team,captain of the cricket team,academically always at the top,he was good looking and all the girls had a crush on him,and just like Doreen Tattershall he was cock of the school,the last I heard of him he was in the paper having been arrested running away from the scene of a crime,so he didn’t quite end up like Paul,or maybe he did.
Even today if I see a couple wearing the same,whether it’s jumpers or anoraks or whatever,I still say Look it’s Howard and Hilda,I said it in front of my Son and Daughter and they had no idea what I meant,I had to find a photo to show them.
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I haven't watched it yet, my diversions from Summer Wine, are Allo Allo, The Vicar of Dibley, Keeping up Appearances, Black Adder, Waiting for God, My Family, etc. I may have to give Circles a look, I can usually tell within a few minutes, if a show is for me or not...