favourite era or series

I started watching the show with the Truly years and have always been so attached to so many of the extras, such as Billy, Smiler, Enwhistlel, etc. Then there are so many great moments with Blamire and it is really hard not to count Foggy's first run as the absolute best (reflecting on Sarkus' comments about that era). The Blamire and early Foggy years are in many ways, a different show than the Truly years (especially the post-Compo era).

However......looking over the broad spectrum of Summer Wine eras, I have to go with the time when Bell returned as Director in Series 8-12. The main reason why isn't Seymour (although he was wonderful). But the main reason is this era combine the old Summer Wine (lots of concentration with the trio and extended scenes where the dialogue was the main comic focus) with the new Summer Wine (with the addition of all the new characters coming in). I can't name which extras came in at certain times, but when I watch the rotation of Summer Wine episodes, it is always so cheerful to see the introduction of the likes of Smiler, Wesley, Barry, etc. I think Series 8-12 perfectly bridges the gap between the classic Summer Wine with the new.
Interesting reading this thread back, and codfanglers' comment summed up why I drew up the Cheatsheet, to be able to locate where each character relates to others within the context of the overall series arc.
I'm still sticking with series 22-23 for reasons stated previously; but some very good analysis contained above.
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I tend to gravitate towards the Seymour era, with the later first Foggy era & early second era.

I've not watched many of the Blamire & early Foggy episodes, but they feel a little strange with Clegg having more of a backbone, & Compo being quicker to outright anger than simply being petulant.
I love watching the bolder Clegg. I feel he softened up too quickly. :D
I'm actually a big fan of the Seymour era
Me also. The Seymour episodes were my introduction to LOTSW as a child. That coincided with my parents getting a video recorder and me rewatching over and over the recorded episodes. The balance of dialogue and physical is equal at this stage. The new characters don't yet have their 'catchphrase' behaviour which would be fully developed early in the 2nd foggy era.